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LeBron James: How Many NBA Championship Rings Does He Have?



LeBron James How Many NBA Championship Rings Does He Have

The professional basketball player goes by the name “King James” and is widely regarded as one of the best in the history of the sport, often compared with Michael Jordan as the greatest of all time.

Over two decades, LeBron James had made himself an iconic figure not only in the sport but also as an influential athlete.

The professional is currently playing for the Los Angeles Lakers for the 6th season, after renewing the contract with Los Angeles for a two-year mega deal of $97.1 million, which also makes him the highest-paid athlete in the NBA.

During the season he broke several records to climb to the all-time scoring record of 38,000th career points, making him the second scorer in the NBA’s history. 

LeBron James’ Rings

If Los Angeles wins the championship, Lebron might have a chance to complete his one hand with 5 rings on his fingers, as he already has 4 rings in his sleeves. The ring is provided to all the players and coaches in a team that proceeds to become champions.

How Many NBA Championship Rings Does LeBron James Have

Lebron earned his first two rings during his tenure with Miami Heat. He won his first championship against Oklahoma City Thunder in 2012. He defended their champion the following season, after defeating San Antonio Spurs, in a comeback victory after falling behind 2-3 to Spurs.

Apart from being back-to-back champions for Lebron, he was named Most Valuable player for the second straight season, averaging 25.3 points, 7 assists, and 10.9 rebounds.

During his final season for Miami, he had the chance to hit a hat trick, but to leg cramps, he was hindered to perform in the coach by his coach. Due to his lack of game time in the finals, the Spurs took an early lead, which made Miami difficult to chase down, which proceeded to the game-defining spurs as the winner, as they beat Miami 4-1. Heartbroken Lebron missed his hat trick chance to grab his third ring consecutively. 

After leaving Miami, he returned to the Cavaliers, who were having a major blow during the time – following his departure four seasons ago. During the second season of the Cavalier, he helped the team to end the 52-year-long championship drought.

The cavaliers emerged victorious after a comeback attempt from 3-1 down, against the golden state warriors. With their comeback from 3-1, they became the only team to do so in an NBA final. Defeating the warriors, he earned the third ring of his career.

In the following season as reigning champions, he was struggling with injuries. He even described the season as the “strangest” as they counted defeats more than wins.

However, James overcame his complications and bagged some records for his stats despite the team losing the season. 

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At the beginning of 2018, James opted out to sign a new contract with Caveliar, which made him a free agent and later signed with the Los Angeles Lakers.

The wake of his appearance to the new team drew controversies as it was not his optimal decision to join the Lakers. 

The pressure on James was huge, as the lakers were failing to qualify for the playoffs since 2014 and they last competed in the finals in 2010.

Despite the expectations, he faced the major injury of his career as suffered from a groin injury. However, he couldn’t perform the way the management expected.

Following the terrible season, the Lakers improved the team as they hired Frank Vogel as the new coach and superstar Anthony Davis. James improved his game as the playing style was changed.

During the season, the Lakers qualified for the playoffs and advanced to the finals against the Miami heat, where they beat them in the sixth.

James earned his fourth ring and became the second oldest player to win the champions and the only player to win the MVP award with three different franchises.

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