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The Panther Luke Knox’s Death: Still A Question!



What Happened To The Panther Luke Knox

What happened to the panther? It is still a question that no one can’t find an answer to. Luke Knox was a Florida International University football player who died on August 17, 2022, at the age of 22. Luke Knox is well known by the name of his brother Dawson Knox.  

Luke Knox spent his four years in Oxford. Later he moved to Florida International University. There he was playing for the panthers until 2022. 

As per the reports Luke died at an early age without clarifying the cause of death. People still search on the internet to know the real reason behind his death. Authorities didn’t come up with a clarification yet. So it raises the curiosity among people to know more about it. Here are some details regarding his accidental death.

Death Of Dawson Knox’s Brother Luke Knox: Recent Report

According to FIU Police Captain Delrish Moss Luke was found by his fellows from his dorm on campus in a state of medical distress. Emergency medical services were provided by the FIU in the initial stages and later he was transported to a local hospital to receive critical treatment by the Miami-County Fire Rescue. 

The Panther Luke Knox

His death was confirmed at the hospital. Experts failed to save him from a critical condition. The cause of death is not revealed at that time. And authorities moved with an extended investigation into his fatal death. 

His fans, followers, and everyone were shocked after hearing about the fatal death of Luke. People came with statements like he just started his life, there is more to be expected from him. 

Knox joined the FIU football team last summer. He was a former football player at the University of Mississippi. Dawson Knox brother of Luke also has experience with the University of Mississippi. 

Any suspected cause of death and foul play are not reported related to his death at that time. Miami-Dade Police Department informed us that they are going with an investigation. But Luke’s death reason is staying unclear.

Many of his teammates, coaches, officials, and friends selected social media as a platform to share their grief. 

Florida International University Interim President Kenneth Jessel posted a video on his Twitter in August. He stated in the video that today our hearts are heavy with the grief of one of our talented player’s departure.

The FIU community mourns the loss of student-athlete Luke Knox. His early unexpected death deeply affected his family, FIU community, friends, classmates, coaches, mentors, and teammates and flooded them with sorrow. 

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Lane Kiffin shared through his Twitter after the death news spread around, he wrote: “Luke Knox meant so much to so many of us, and we look forward to welcoming his wonderful family back to the Vaught this weekend as we honor Luke’s legacy and his indelible impact on Ole Miss Football.”

The day after his death the Buffalo Bill’s Head Coach called Sean McDermott appeared at a press conference and spoke about the tragic death of Luke by saying his heart goes out to Dawson and their family during this heartbroken moment. And added we are right there with Dawson Knox and supporting him and their family. 

Mike MacIntyre worked with Luke as a coach for many years. He has experience with Luke at Mississippi University and Florida International University. He shared some of his memories and experiences along with a Twitter message. He wrote he extended his sincere condolences to Luke’s family and all who love him. 

Luke’s brother Dawson has tweeted about the support and care that received from everyone after his brother’s death. He thanked all his fans for being with him and their family in the long grief. Dawson shared a link to a live stream of Luke’s funeral ceremonies from their home state of Tennessee. 

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