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Sharon Stone’s Unexpected Appearance In SNL During Sam Smith’s Performance



Sharon Stone's Unexpected Appearance In SNL During Sam Smith's Performance

Sharon stone, who previously hosted “Saturday Night Live” in 1992 appeared again as a special guest in Sam smith’s debuted title “Gloria”, their upcoming album. 

The opening performance of the show was followed by an introduction from the host Aubrey Plaza, Sam smith performed the track “Unholy” which thrived at the first position on the US billboard 100. He was accompanied by Kim Petras, who feature in the track. She was seen sneaking inside Sam’s long fur-coated outfit.

Sharon Stone Surprised The Audience With Her Graceful Appearance

In his second performance, smith was seen in the back of a choir surrounded by singers. The singer surprised the viewers with the appearance of the Oscar-Nominated actress Sharon stone, who was seen lounging on a gold couch, in a gold and black colored dress. She was slowly rose and gazing at the audience at distance,  while smith dropped his single “Gloria”.

Sharon Stone's Unexpected Appearance During Sam Smith's Performance

Sharon was also featured in the final sketch of Saturday Night Live, “Film noir”. She played the role of hostess mother, Aubrey Plaza’s black widow. The duo was partnered up for a mother-daughter role in the final epic drama of the day on Saturday night live. 

In the play, Aubrey played the young widow who is accused of murdering her 80-year-old husband. In addition, she is also accused of the death of her five elderly husbands.

On the other hand detective Jack Raughley, played by James Austin Jhonson is convinced that she is behind all the deaths.

Sharon appears as the mother of Aubrey plaza, who finds the young detective handsome and intends to steal from plaza’s character. 

The plaza’s character was widely circulated over Tik Tok, for crying out “Mother” when Sharon entered the scene. Her fans dubbed as “Mother plaza” over TikTok.

However, the cameo in the skit makes her second appearance on Saturday Night Live

A month prior to Sharon’s appearance on Saturday night live, a video of her has been circulating over the internet. Where she can be seen as shocked to see Shah Rukh khan sitting next to her at the Red film sea festival.

In the video, Sharon can be seen gasping “oh my god” when Shah Rukh Khan was introduced to the crowd by the anchor.

She responded to the reaction in another event when asked, she said that initially she didn’t know he was sitting there, and when she saw him she was stunned (which she claims she does not easily get awestruck).

She continued that she know a lot of stars but when she saw him, she couldn’t find any other reaction other than being awestruck.

She couldn’t complete the sentence, might have been difficult for her to put the right word before him.

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During Aubrey’s debut as a host in Saturday night live, she was reunited with “Parks and Recreation” co-star, Amy Poehler. They appeared as April Ludgate and Leslie Knope, who were the characters of “Parks and Recreation”.

Along with co-star Aubrey, Amy Poehler, several other well-known popularly known celebrities were joined in the show such as Joe Biden, Allison Williams, The Property Brothers, Tony Hawk, and Kim Petras.

The property brothers and Tony Hawk were presented as judges for the skit, based on Ms. Universe 2023, where contestants can be seen roaring the names of their countries.

The exact moment of France’s star roaring was recreated with the host of the SNL Aubery Plaza as Miss France.

During the night Joe Biden can be seen congratulating Aubrey over a poll where she was declared voting, as the most famous person from the state of Delaware, same as joe biden’s.

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