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Drake Teases Summer Tour With 21 Savage: Are These Leaks Reliable?



Drake Teases Summer Tour With 21 Savage Are These Leaks Reliable

Drake has planned this year with new music and a tour with 21 Savage. Speculations about their summer tour plan leak around. Both of them recently collaborated on their new album Her Loss. 

As per the reports, a Twitter account in the name of OnThinlce leaked the rapper’s upcoming tour plans. Screenshots of supposed show dates are also shared through Twitter on January 21. 

The Twitter account mentioned several cities around the world including Detroit, Glendale, Santa Clara, Arlington, Chicago, Charlotte, Atlanta, Miami, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Foxborough, and Inglewood along with some dates alleging that the rapper will be visiting.

Drake fans and followers were surprised while seeing the Twitter account listed the rapper’s tour plans. 

Drake or 21 Savage’s teams have not responded to this. People called this information “It’s All a Blur Tour”. 

Fans Are Commenting Over This Drake and Savage 21 Tour On Social Media

In 2022 December Drizzy revealed his tour plans for 2023. By saying “you know it’s so unfortunate. The other day, I was rehearsing a bunch of days, and one of the shows got pushed back”. 

Fans Are Commenting Over This Drake and Savage 21 Tour On Social Media

According to the information on Twitter rapper’s tour will begin on May 26th Friday in the Grand Chappitaeu at Soldier Feild in Chicago. It will last for two months and end on July 16 in Arlington’s AT&T Stadium.

Clarification about the Twitter message does not come from both sides. His fans and followers consider it a piece of reliable information when Jimmy Cooks has shown his interest in going back on the road again in a recent interview.  He said, “Yeah, man, I’m just looking forward to going. It’s like one thing to make the music but to see it is the most gratifying feeling” It ensures the authenticity of the Twitter message. 

People commented on social media before confirming the news about the Drake and Savage 21 tour. One of his fans wrote on Twitter like Drake and Savage 21 going on tour this summer. And he will go himself if he has to. 

Another one said Drake and Savage 21 are rumored to be going on a tour this summer and he thinks he may have to check that out. Another fan said he will even trade his grandmother for the Drake and 21 savage tour tickets. Another fan has remarked drake and 21 savage tour tickets will be astronomically high. 

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Drake’s Response To The Rumored Tour

Drake is working on his new album. Drake also reflected on his career and how he achieved his dreams, how they come true, and how he managed to achieve his dreams during his performance at the SiriusXM concert. 

Drake said “I’ve been thinking about a lot of things in life but at this moment none of those things stop making music for you. So I’ll be there for you for at least a little bit. And I hope I can evoke more emotions in you, maybe this year. Maybe I’ll get bored and do another one, who knows” he added “I don’t know how the hell we got here, but we did it”  

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