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The Minnesota Twins Acquire Michael A. Taylor From The Kansas City Royals



The Minnesota Twins Acquire Michael A. Taylor From The Kansas City Royals

The Minnesota Twins have excited their fans by trading two of their minor league Pitchers, left reliever Evan Sisk (23) and right reliever Steven Cruz (25) for the center field and golden glove winner in 2021, Michael A Taylor (31) with Kansas City Royals.

This trade comes after the Minnesota Twins defended the signature of Carlos Correa after his astonishing season.

However, the club has decided to trade away the batting Champion of 2022 Luiz Arraez. The fans of Minnesota are still confused over the decision to trade their batting Champion to the Miami Marlins for Pablo Lopez, who is a starting Pitcher, and other two young professionals.

Michael A. Taylor Is Traded By The Kansas City Royals To The Minnesota Twins

The analysts of the game indicate that it is needed for the Minnesota Twins to offload one of their best players to find a replacement for Byron Buxton, whom the Twins were perfectly synced with, who is now injured. The management finds Taylor as the ideal replacement for the center field.

Nevertheless, acquiring Taylor has its perks, he has displayed astonishing fielding capabilities over years. Many experts of the game have rated Taylor as the best outfielder since 2021. He has a good jump, all thanks to his 6-foot and 4-inch height, which covers the ball against the wall. 

Taylor had a good run with Kansas City Royals for two seasons. During his season, he had a batting average of 254 with nine home runs and 43 RBIs in 414 at-bats. However, his best offensive season came when he was with Washington Nationals during the 2017 season. 

Michael A Taylor spent most of his career in the Washington Nationals. He displayed astonishing performance while he was developing into a perfect player.

In his best season, he had an average batting rate of 271 with 19 home runs, 53 RBIs, and a .806 OPS in 118 games for the Washington Nationals. 

With Kansas City, Taylor won the Golden Glove award alongside Joe Gallo – who has now signed a one-year contract with the Twins. This means that Taylor may not be the no.1 choice, as he might have to struggle to find his position in the team.

Although, if the coach decides to put both of them as the first choice then the opponent batters would find it difficult to pass the ball through those golden gloves.

As for now the outfield position in the Twins is crowded with newcomers as well as team veterans. The players who favor this position are Byron Buxton, Max Kepler, Alex Kiriloff, and the newcomers – Michael A Taylor and Joe Gallo. 

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According to the reports, there have been speculations over another trading of either Max Kepler or Alex Kiriloff, as now Minnesota has been tightly packed with defensive outfielders.

Overall, the trading result for the Twins has been promising as they have bagged some of the notable stars of the game.

The Twins have acquired so many talents for the 2023 season, only time can tell whether the coach can handle these many talents in one go. It is an affordable addition for the Twins if things go awry in their midfield position.

Whereas in Kansas, they have lost some of the prominent players that had a huge impact on the team. But as we all know, Kansas is known for rebuilding its team.

They have traded two young talents for the 31-year-old, as they believe in improving the youngsters for the future. The royals are also targeting right-hander Josh Winder from the Twins. Both teams are currently in talks for a possible move with the player.

With these updates, all the fans are excited to see the next gear-up session of the game.

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