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Kanye West Quarrels With The Paparazzi While Out With Bianca Censori



Kanye West Quarrels With The Paparazzi While Out With Bianca Censori

Hollywood still has not been able to move on from the fact that Kanye married again just after weeks of divorce from Kim Kardashian, the head architect of his company Yeezy– Bianca Censori.

Ever since his marriage, all eyes have been drawn to the couple. It might be due to his lack of public appearance a few weeks before their marriage when his former financial advisor reported him missing.

Kanye west being in the spotlight is not unusual, as he has been involved in several media outbursts like his interest in presidential campaigns, admiring anti-Semitism, and other controversial discussions.

Kanye West Called The Paparazzi “Antagonistic”

The most recent talk of the town is Kanye West’s interaction with a paparazzi who was filming the newlywed couple. In the video, Kanye west can be seen arguing with a freelance photographer who was seen filming the couple while having a private discussion. In between the argument, the rapper called the paparazzi “antagonistic” and demanded to respect for their privacy.

The photographer urged to have one shot at him from away and tried to convince the rapper that they are far enough not to violate their privacy. He also congratulated the couple on their honeymoon. Kanye responded to the cameraman very calmly as he asked to stop filming despite his apologies.

Ye went on to narrate that, the first time he ever took medication was because of a paparazzi whom he got mad at. He added that it was the same person who shot Britney. He continued blaming the behavior of the paparazzi while he explained that “ My dad did photography for newspapers, it has to be some kind of balance, some kind of conversations. I can live in California and my life like I’m some kind of caged animal”

When asked whom the photographer was working he claimed that he is independent. Kanye continued to express that it’s not fair for celebrities to the access paparazzi have over their life. He insisted that the celebrities should receive some amount of money for shooting them as the media companies have been spraying about them in their blogs.

Despite the paparazzi’s acceptance not to film, he continued filming and made the video viral. 

From the video, it is clear that Kanye west is frustrated over the individual invading his private space, while his wife Bianca was seen entering the car silently.  Following the video, Kanye received positive criticism for handling the situation with the paparazzi calmly. The netizens were pleased to see that Kanye was dealing with the matter maturely.

Many Twitter users came in support of Kanye claiming that he has fed up with all the bogus claims spreading in the interment about him. Some mention that he is speaking for all the celebrities as he believes there would be many who were struggling in the same plight as him. Some even sympathized with Ye, as he was facing “harassment” and advised media outlets to have some boundaries and respect for others’ privacy.

One of the Twitterati also pointed out the “nasty work” behavior of the paparazzi who claimed to have stopped filming and continued recording the whole conversation for monetary gain.

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According to reports, the couple was back from their honeymoon and planning to visit his wife’s family in the coming days. In addition to this, there have been rumors that Kanye has been banned from visiting his Wife Bianca Censor’s home over his Anti-Semitic comments.

The Australian Jews have been disgraced by his comments and demanded the country refuse the entry of Kanye West. This means that his love for Adolf Hitler sparked hate among the Jews.

However, the Censori family has been surprised by the news as Bianca’s sister told that their secret marriage of them was “exciting news”.

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