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Jay Leno Accident: He Suffered Bone Fracture In 2nd Accident After Announcing Vegas Return



Jay Leno Accident He Suffered Bone Fracture In 2nd Accident After Announcing Vegas Return

James Douglas Muir Leno, in short renowned by the name Jay Leno, is an American television host, actor, writer, and comedian. Recently, the comedy star who portrays his own stunts is now contending with bone fractures after being knocked off a motorcycle.

In the year 2022, the former Tonight Show host was hit with serious burning on his face. He was severely burned by the unseen fuel leakage from one of his vintage cars. It accidentally caught fire, the comedian reported.

After a few months after burn hospitalization, the latest news is about his accident with a motorcycle resulting in multiple broken bones at the age of 72.

Jay Leno Revealed About The Cause Of Accident

Based on the reports, the crash, which was another mishap, happened last week. Leno opened up his words on this misfortune that he waited till now to reveal about this accident only due to the intense attention he received from his fans and loved ones for the previous garage accident.  

Jay Leno Suffered Bone Fracture In 2nd Accident After Announcing Vegas Return

Leno, 72, said that the scenario was that he was eagerly testing a 1940 Indian Motorcycle and suddenly noticed the smell of gas. He soon cut into the nearby parking lot down a side street.

This made a wire, which kept overlooked, strung across the American television host and tossed him off the Indian Motorcycle.

The strung wire was across the parking with no flag of caution. This incident was detailed by the comedian to Review-Journal’s John Katsilometes. 

Jay Leno was soon hospitalized, and the reports came up showing a broken collarbone, two cracked kneecaps, and broken ribs. Though the actor was suffering badly, he reassured saying that he is completely fine.

He even shared his soothing words that he will be joining the team by working this weekend. He insisted that he is completely fine, just the way he appeared after the burn. 

Right after the retirement of Johnny Carson in 1992, the host of NBC’s Tonight, Jay Leno took over the space. Later, Conan O’Brien occupied Leno’s longtime host space in 2009.

Soon after O’Brien hosted the show, the ratings dropped and this made the management decide to bring Jay Leno back to the show as host.

So, he returned to NBC in 2010. He continued shining as the most-rated host on NBC until 2014. Later, his role was succeeded by Jimmy Fallon. 

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Apart from the world of television hosting, Leno is recognized in the automotive world, with a deep love for cars and motorcycles.

Right after healing from the burn in November 2022, it seems bad luck for Jay’s health as he was soon hit by a motorcycle accident in January 2023.

The burns he had on his face and body made him hospitalized for weeks. He was even kept in a hyperbaric chamber to treat his burns and restore the health of his skin.

Peter Grossman, Leno’s surgeon, shared a few words about his condition. The surgeon said that his burns were deeper and more severe.

Leno being a strong man from the inside, made him recover too quickly from the severity of his injuries. The comedian underwent skin grafting procedures twice. This all happened on November 12th, 2023.

The positive sign from the comedian shows that he is planning engaging content for YouTube. Though bad luck for his bones, he seems to rock online with fresh content soon. 

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