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Who Is True Geordie, What Is He Famous For?



True Geordie

True Geordie is one of the eminent YouTubers who is highly popular for being an outspoken person, and for the transparent poignant words that he articulates, he has managed to have hordes of fans across the globe. When we take the last couple of months, some of his controversial sharp opinions have garnered the attention of many people across the world.

Who is True Geordie?

The original name of this prolific outspoken YouTuber is Brian Davis. As per sources, Brian Davis aka True Geordie was born on January 26, 1987. He would be in his thirty-six years of age and he comes from Newcastle upon Tyne, England. True Geordie of British nationality. 

Who Is True Geordie

Brian Davis professionally goes by the name True Geordie, garnered the eyes of audiences when his first video titled A True Geordie’s View On Nile Ranger went viral on several social media platforms. This video was a tedious rant of True Geordie that revolved around the local football team named Newcastle United

Full NameBrian Davis
Profession Youtuber, Commentatorr
Age36 years
Date of BirthJanuary 26, 1987
BirthplaceNewcastle, England
Height6′ 3″
Weight90 Kg
Marital StatusUnmarried
True Geordie Net worth$1.5 Million

Besides his first video, True Geordie is also best known as a vociferous vocal critic of the former professional kickboxer, Andrew Tate. when we take his career as a YouTuber into account, he has shared some videos related to Premier League previews and reviews of the Weekend’s action besides this, True Geordie has served as analysis and panel shows that cover a wide variety of topics such as boxing and others. 

It is indeed spectacular that this YouTuber has accumulated over 1.98 million subscribers on his youtube channel his channel is crammed with his latest video that revolves around Andrew Tate, and it has been a controversial one as he talked about the arrest of Andrew Tate in Romania. 

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Does True Geordie Have An Instagram Account?

The answer is a big Yes. Like all the YouTubers in the big entertainment industry, True Geordie aka Brian Davis is an active member on his social media platforms. He has around 290k followers on his Instagram account as of this moment and he has posted 144 posts on his feed. 

And moreover, as every YouTuber does, True Geordie has put the link to his youtube channel on his Instagram bio and when we glance at his 144 posts, we could see a few glimpses of his travel diaries all over the world, and some snaps of True Geordie with eminent celebrities including, Neymar and other coruscating stars. 

True Geordie’s career

When we take his sheer entrance into social media, it was back in 2006 November that he launched his YouTube channel “True Geordie”. In the first video, True Geordie and his friend Laurence McKenna discuss their lives, football, and especially about the high-profile divorce of Brad Pit and Angelina. 

In the previous year, True Geordie was on the panel of KSI’s second fight against the enthralling star Logan Paul. The fight against Logan Paul was the most anticipated one and people were avidly waiting for it, but the twist happened when True Geordie got a bit in a row with the star Logan Paul and also with his brother. 

Who Is True Geordie What Is True Geordie Famous For

Moreover, True Geordie even entered into an altercation with Tyson Fury, when he blatantly accused the Gypsy King of taking a fight that none of them even cared about. And Logan Paul accused True Geordie of his biased in his comment. And True Geordie also accused Logan Paul of his involvement in the filming of a Japanese suicide and the star had to apologize for it and it was the most viewed video of True Geordie. 

Apart from speaking about football, on youtube, in his interview with KSI, he asked about his childhood, racism, relationships, etc. This single video became quite popular and it has over 1.5 million views. 

After his first video, many other podcasts were followed including, Let Your Sister Have Fun, Neighbors From Hell, and SPENCER FC Uncensored. All these podcasts were hit with millions of views and he garnered fame and recognition at the initial stage of building his career. 

Is True Geordie Married?

Anything related to his personal life is quite unknown. We only know that he was born on January 26, 1987, and he would in his thirty-six. And also he stan Benedict Cumberbatch and Rachel Weisz. Even attempting a strenuous task to probe more about his personal life was in vain. So whether he is married, or single is unknown. 

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