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Johnny Lewis Death: His Relationship With Katy Perry, His Net Worth, Personal Life



Johnny Lewis Death His Relationship With Katy Perry, His Net Worth, Personal Life

The net worth of celebrities and other influencers is impossible to guess at a glance. As some of them earn their wealth from multiple sources while some of them only earn from the Film industry.

So in this short article, we are going to discuss about the net worth, personal life, and the mysterious death of Jhonny Lewis who originally goes by the name Jonathan Kendrick Lewis. So before disclosing his net worth and other interesting details, let us remind you of some facts about Johnny Lewis.

Personal Bio

Johnny Lewis was born on October 29, 1983, in Los Angeles in the neighborhood of San Fernando Valley. He grew up around Hollywood movies featuring theatres where he found his passion lies. He depicted his interest at a young age and started pursuing an acting career just after he finished high school.

Johnny Lewis Death His Personal Life

He was born as the second child to Michael and Divona Lewis. His parents were known to practice Scentologists for most of their life. His mother has a crucial role in his desire to pursue acting as she took him to multiple advertisement auditions when he was six years old.

Personal life

Apart from his beloved parents, he became ultimately close with the American Musician Katty Perry. The couple began dating in 2005. However, their relationship lasted only a year. The reports suggest that Katty Perry struggled to make their relationship work by helping him to come out of trouble. Eventually, she had to move on as she became helpless in his trouble, to get ahead and focus on her music career.

After their separation, Lewis began dating the American actress Diane Gaeta. It is believed that she got pregnant with his daughter Culla May in 2009, the period when Lewis grabbed the spotlight after displaying a fierce leading role in “Sons of Anarchy”.

However, their relationship soured after giving birth to their only daughter. The couple attempted to divorce but the custody of Culla May drove the couple to face a long and painful battle where Lewis lost and eventually moved out of their shared residence.

Net Worth 

Johnny Lewis earned most of his net worth from acting. At the time of his death, his net worth was estimated to be $12 million.

He started acting in his teenage years on Television in 2000. He debuted his movie in 2004 in the role of Engelbert “Kiwi” Wilson in the movie Rise Your Voice.

Ever since his debut he appeared in more than 10 movies before his accidental death and featured in several television shows – even as the leading role in Quintuplets (2004-2005), The Sausage Factory (2001- 2002), and in Sons of Anarchy (2008 -2009).

Apart from his career in the film industry, there is no mention of any other sources of income. It is assumed that the late actor earned generous income from appearing in these movies and Television Shows.

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His Motorcycle Accident Leads To His Accidental Death

After he lost the custody of his daughter, he was reported to be under substance abuse but he never became a threat to society until he met a high-speed motorcycle accident in which he suffered critical head injuries.

Despite his parent’s advice to get him scanned, he hesitated to undergo an MRI scan – which they couldn’t force him to.

In 2011 and 2012, eventually, he was accused of assaulting two men with a bottle after engaging in a fight. During the trial, he pleaded “not guilty” to the charges. Additionally, he went through multiple arrests for felonies.

According to reports he started embodying strange behavior after his motorcycle accident which invited more legal troubles. He was sentenced to Jail due to his unnatural behavior which forced the Judge to sentence him to avoid any threat to society.

During his time in jail, his mental health deteriorated, and a severe downfall in his spirits. However, he was released from Jail on September 21, 2012.

Five days later, he was reported dead after he fell from the roof. The police discovered his body lying in the driveway after they were reported by the neighbors of Lewis’s attack and Catherine Davis’s scream – Lewis’s 81- year old landlady.

Police found Catherine Davis dead at her home with severe head injuries. According to the police reports, Catherine Davis was killed by manual strangulation and blunt force to trauma by Lewis whom the police ruled out his death as accidental. The police found no evidence of Lewis being pushed or jumped off from the roof.

Speculations rose regarding physiological disorder to his sudden act of violence after his severe motorcycle accident which he refused to treat the mental trauma.

It was a sad day for Hollywood to learn about the death of the once-talented actor who lost his way and was thrown onto a destructive path.

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