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Kyle Smaine Death: World Champion Skier, Dies In Avalanche At 31



US Skier Kyle Smaine dies aged 31

It is absolutely soul-crushing that one of the most celebrated American freestyle skiers, Kyle Smain died in a tragic avalanche in Japan at the age of thirty-one. People were pretty much in deep shock when the death news broke out to the world. Other than Kyle Smaine, there are thirteen people hit by the avalanche and their names have not been disclosed by the authorities. Let us have a deep look at this tragic event that took these lives in Japan. 

Skier Kyle Smaine Dead At 31, Killed In Avalanche

It was on Sunday, January 29, 2023, that the death news of this intriguing freestyle skier Kyle Smain announced. It was his beloved wife who took the courage to announce his death news to the world through an Instagram post. 

US Skier Kyle Smaine dies aged 31 Killed in Avalanche in Japan

His mourning wife, Jenna Dramise wrote: “Dear Husband and my whole world, officially married November 18, 2022, which not many people knew about. I am so incredibly thankful that I got to marry you and have you in my life. You loved skiing more than anyone I have ever met. I picked you up hitchhiking in New Zealand in 2010 and who would have thought we would be married 13 years later? The best damn years of my life. 

I know you had the best runs in your life out there, in Japan, and could never blame you for doing what you loved. I do wish I could tell you that one secret I always had, that I loved you. It never really was a secret, because I said it at least 10 times a day to you. I can’t wait to see you again. Tonight I hope to ride some pow or bikes with you in my dreams. Love your wife”.

It is indeed the most destructible news a wife could ever handle. Moreover, Grant Granderson, who was a photographer for the outdoor magazine Mountain Gazette, was also on the same trip as Kyle Smaine and he also announced the tragic untimely death of this amazing skier. 

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Kyle Smaine’s last Instagram post 

Kyle Smaine, one of the prolific freestyle skiers was very active on Instagram and he always used to share photos and memorable snippets on his account where he has a fan following of over 28k. When we glance at his Instagram feed we could see enrapturing glimpses of his skiing adventures. 

Before this untimely tragic passing, he even shared a post on Sunday and now netizens are deeply mourning this tremendous loss. The video he shared really became a souvenir as it was a video of him skiing while in Japan. 

So when the unexpected untimely death news broke out, with a lacerated heart people flocked to the comment section to share their heartfelt condolences. Tributes were overflowing over the internet and many people who had the chance to meet and ski with Kyle Smaine sadly reminisced about the moments and tweeted their profound sadness. 

How did Kyle Smaine die?

As per sources, Kyle Smaine was on a marketing trip for Nagano Tourism and Ikon Pass at the time of his demise. So one of the people in their group said that three skiers had gone skiing on Sunday afternoon. So the three of them has decided to take the last run of the day and their group unexpectedly met another skiing group from Austria. 

The new group from Austria decided to do a slightly adventurous aspect of skiing with a totally different exposure. So when Kyle Smaine and his fellow companion Adam U were in the middle of the run, and they were planning to transition backcountry gear to climb up the steep mountain, the Austrian groups joined them. 

So when the Austrian team made it to the steep mountain, it triggered the avalanche and the rest was so startling. Along with an Austrian skier, Kyle Smaine and Adam U stayed buried under the snow. Adam U was immersed in the snow at a depth of 1.5 meters for long twenty-five minutes and he was rescued unscathed. 

Kyle Smaine die

All of a sudden a group of four to five emergency medical professionals rushed to the place and tried to rescue the rest of them. This tragic incident occurred around 2.30 pm local time on the steep slopes of Narikura mountain, and depressingly Kyle Smaine and another Austrian skier could not be saved. Two people in the Austrian group is also missing and their body has not been found. 

So it is profoundly a piece of sad news to comprehend and we lost some of the eminent souls to an avalanche. 

Who Was Kyle Smaine ?

Kyle Smaine is the most prolific American freestyle skier who was born on June 27, 1991. He was only thirty-one when he died. He was one of the eminent personalities in adventure sports and was highly acknowledged for his enrapturing skiing styles. 

Kyle Smaine won a gold medal for halfpipe at the FIS Freestyle Ski and Snowboarding World Championships 2015. At the 2018 Olympics, Kyle Smaine was the first alternate for the USA Olympic Alpine Skiing Team and he always tried to prove his passion for skiing in every way possible. 

Undeniably Kyle Smaine was a true legend in the ski community. As per sources, Kyle Smaine graduated from Sierra Nevada College and he was ranked in the 9th position in the Men’s Ski Superpipe at X Games Aspen 2016. 

Kyle Smaine was deeply involved in some adventure sports including, mountain biking, rock climbing, and surfing. Back in a 2014 interview, Kyle Smaine stated that he aspires to be the best skier in the world and he is looking forward to trying big mountain skiing. 

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