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Selena Gomez Educates TikTok Users Who Criticize Her For Shaking Hands Due To Lupus



Selena Gomez Educates TikTok Users Who Criticize Her For Shaking Hands Due To Lupus

Selena Gomez was suffering from health issues for a while. The Only Murders in the Building actor was diagnosed with her lupus in 2014 and started treatment. 

Selena vocals about her health condition several times with the intention of the public need to be educated about that chronic auto-immune disease that she dealing with. 

She once explained about lupus and how it tricked her in life. As a side effect of her medication, her body changed a lot and there are also visible effects on her body such as shaking hands.  

People take it as a vulnerable chance to attack her by pointing out her weaknesses. Internet users criticize and comment on her on social media regarding her health condition. 

Selena recently came up with a statement as a response to the troll that made fun of her hands shaking in a video unusually. 

Following A TikTok Video Selena Posted, TikTok Users Made Fun Of Her

As per the reports, a few days before Selena posted a new video on TikTok about her skincare routine. She came up with a range of cosmetics and products from the most popular brands such as Tatcha, Dermalogica, La Mer, and Laneige then introduced each of them. 

Selena Gomez Educates TikTok Users Who Mocked Her For Shaking Hands Due To Lupus

She said she got most of these products for free. Selena applied several products from it on her hair and skin. She said Use any kind of serum to remove makeup before washing your face. And also use a sponge to wipe your eyes and remove the makeup on them. And she concluded it by saying she was almost done and pretending that she know what she talking about. 


PSA I got most of these products free. I ain’t just rolling like that everywhere. Use any serum to take off make up before washing. It breaks it up nicely. Also use a sponge to wipe eyes to treat eyes delicately when removing make up. K I’m done pretending I know what I’m taking about.

♬ Never Be Me – Miley Cyrus

Many of her fans and followers appreciated her effort to make it realistic. 

But some of the audience pointed out that her hands were shaking while she doing all these processes. A TikTok user also noticed that her hands shook largely while she applied micellar water to a sponge and posted a troll video on the platform about it by saying Oh my god, what are you doing?

One of the TikTok users write under her video “Why are you shaking so bad are you ok?” When she noticed the actor’s hands are unsteady while she doing the all things in that video. 

Another user commented, “I hope you are okay babe. You are getting shakey again”.

Selena has come up with a response to this and wrote in the comment section of the video about her health condition and the insecurities she facing related to her medication. 

She reminded the user of her health issues and then clarified the reason for the unusual shaking of her hands. 

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Selena And Her Health Problems

Selena was suffering from a chronic auto-immune disease in 2014. She was diagnosed with lupus. She was also done with a kidney transplant surgery in 2017 after battling with the disease. 

As a simple description of her health condition, Selena was vocal about her physical and mental health through a documentary named Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me in 2022. 

She tearfully said that “It hurts. Like, in the morning, when I wake up, I immediately start crying because it hurts, everything.”

She suffered a lot from it. Lupus can be affected the body parts including the skin, internal organs, and joints with symptoms of inflammation in the different body parts such as the heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, and joints.   

Selena was dealing with a number of criticism from trolls for a long. She also have similar experiences with body shaming when she appeared at the Golden Globes award function. 

Selena came in an Instagram live and clarified things about the changes in her body. She said she a little bit big right now because she enjoyed a couple of holidays. And she doesn’t care about how big she is right now. 

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