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‘Accused’ Episode 3: Everything You Need To Know About The Familiar Faces Of “Danny’s Story” Casts



‘Accused’ Episode 3 Everything You Need To Know About The Familiar Faces Of “Danny's Story” Casts

Accused, is a recently released American crime drama television series that is based on the 2010 British Televisions series under the same name. Accused (2023) premiered on January 22, 2023, and only three episodes have been aired up to this date.

The series follows the same journey as the British version, where ordinary people are accused on the trial of various crimes, which is learned through flashbacks. In the end, the Judge reveals the verdict.

The third episode of the series goes in the name “Danny’s Story”, which aired on January 31, 2023, and has created a rumble on the internet and social media because of the cast. Many familiar faces were part of the casting for the third episode of the series. 

The episode features Rachel Bilson (Alison), Reid Miller (Danny), August Maturo (Matthew), and Jack Davenport (John) in the leading role for the episode. The casting also includes Neil Whitely (Judge), Andi Hubick (Leanna), Michelle Giroux (Maria), and Camille James (Ms. Epps).

The Familiar Faces Of ‘Accused’ Episode 3

Most of these actors have starred in some of the prolific movies in their careers. Let’s have a deep insight into each of the characters to learn about their previous roles in the film Industry.

The Familiar Faces Of ‘Accused’ Episode 3

Ried Miller as Danny

Reid Miller plays the role of Danny, the episode’s center point. The plot revolves around Danny accusing Alison that she is evil and insists that Alison is responsible for his mother’s passing. However, nobody believes him so.

Reid Miller acted in the movie Joe Bell, where he starred in the role of Jadin Bell the son of Joe Bell,  along with Mark Wahlberg who played the fatherly role of Joe Bell. The 23-year-old also appeared in an episode of Netflix’s Popular show “You” in 2019. He was also featured in the Netflix show Boo, Bitch in 2022. The young actor is considered to be an upcoming young actor with a promising future.

Rachel Bilson as Alison

Rachel plays Danny’s father’s girlfriend, whom she started to date John after Danny’s mother passed away. She is also a center figure in the episode.

Rachel Bilson is popular for her role as Summer Roberts in “The O.C.” Rachel won Teen Choice Award for Choice TV Actress Drama and was also nominated for the Choice Breakout TV star. She also appeared in “How I met Your Mother” as Cindy, who also plays the roommate of Tracy Mcconnel ( the mother) in the series. She also plays the lead role in “Take Two” (2018) and “Hart of Dixie” (2011-2015)

Jack Davenport as John

Jack plays the father of Danny, John, who begins to date Alison, whom Danny accuses of his mother’s death, shortly after John’s wife passes away.

Jack is best known for his role in the Pirates of the Caribbean as James Norrington. He featured in three movies of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise which includes, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003), Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (2006), and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (2007). He also plays the role of Lancelot in “Kingsman: the secret service”, who was assassinated while on a mission. The plot revolves around finding a replacement for Lancelot.

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August Maturo as Mathew

In the episode, August plays the role of the younger brother of Danny. He features in a supporting role in the episode.

He is widely known for his interest in appearing in horror films. He appeared in “Slapface”(2019) in the leading role portraying Lucas. He also won The Reaper Award for Best Actor in a Feature film for his luminous acting in “Slapface”.

He also played the role of Daniel in the 2018 released horror film “The Nun”. Maturo portrays Auggie Mathews the main character in the Television show “Girl Meets World”

These are some of the leading characters in the episode who has had a big break in their career by featuring in well-known Movies or Television shows.

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