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Nathan Chasing Horse Arrested: “Dances With Wolves” Actor Detained For The Sexual Assaults



Nathan Chasing Horse Arrested Dances With Wolves Actor Detained For The Sexual Assaults

Nathan Chasing Horse the former Dances With Wolves actor was arrested by the Las Vegas police on Tuesday on a sex abuse case in Nevada. 

Officials confirmed his arrest on Tuesday afternoon after raiding his house alleged several sexual assaults and human trafficking. 

Nathan was taken into custody after detecting his offenses over approximately two decades after the police records collected by The Associated Press. 

Records leading to sexual crimes towards young Indigenous girls through invading their belief system and pretending himself as a holy man in the name of Medicine Man.  

Chasing Horse Sexually Abused Several Young Girls

The former actor was taken into custody at his home near North Las Vegas he is said to share with his five wives. 

Chasing Horse gained immense popularity and a reputation among the tribes in Canada and the United States through his role in an Oscar-winning film.

Dances With Wolves Actor Detained For The Sexual Assaults

Chasing Horse misused his position by performing as a medicine man in all gatherings and ceremonies of tribes and being involved in several sexual assaults

Chasing Horse has taken spirituality as a tool to sexually abuse young Native American women. His followers and believers from that community largely believed that Chasing Horse have the ability to communicate with higher beings and considered him a holy person.  

Young Native American girls are the victims of such sexual assaults. His arrest was the result of a long-term investigation taken effort from the officials since October 2022 as per a hint received regarding the case.

As per the information from a 50-page arrest warrant, the accused is also known as the leader of a clan called The Circle.

State Attorneys General and lawmakers are discussing the need of creating a specialized unit to deal with the cases involving Native women in America. 

Similar movements for the safety of Native American people were also done with the authority. The attorney general’s office in South Dakota also took initiative to focus more on the excessive crimes against the Native American people such as murders, sexual assaults, and human trafficking

As per the reports from the document Las Vegas police have revealed allegations against Chasing Horse dating back two decades. It includes several child cases of abuse towards children as young as 13 and 16.  

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According to that document, the officers have identified five victims under the age of 16 from multiple states such as South Dakota, Montana, and Nevada where he was living for over a decade. 

As per the reports from the court records, there was no lawyer listed for chasing Horse. 

The 50-page arrest warrant says Chasing Horse was banished from the Fort Peck Reservation in Poplar, Montana in 2015 by alleging several human trafficking. 

However, under the circumstances of the warrant consisting of several uncovered cases and allegations, the recent arrest was reportedly based on the crimes committed in Nevada’s Clark County. 

It includes several human trafficking, alleged sexual assaults, and child abuse of a teenager under 16. 

The assaulting history of Chasing Horse dates back to the 2000s.   He got One of his wives as a gift that someone offered him when she was 15. And another one became his wife when she was 16. 

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