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Who Is Nikkolas Mohess? Orlando DJ Dead After Went Missing



Who Is Nikkolas Mohess Orlando DJ Dead After Went Missing

Nikkolas Mohess, a young DJ and producer from Orlando was reported dead after he went missing the previous weekend. The artist went missing on Sunday night after he was believed to have left the dancers at 9 pm. And since then, it was reported that no one has ever heard from him since then. 

The DJ’s family posted the news of his disappearance on social media platforms and begged the public to help find their loved one. As the search was developing throughout the city, the artist was found dead on Thursday, February 2, 2023. 

The Orlando-born DJ and producer Nikkolas was a graduate of the University of Central Florida. The young artist was loved by his friends, family, and fans and was known for his kind and calming behavior.

What Is The Reason For His Death?

According to the data collected from his loved ones, it was informed that after he went missing, they never got to hear any news from him until he was found dead. And as of now, no details regarding his mystery demise have been found. 

As the news of his demise was confirmed and made official, fans of the artist took to their social media platforms showering their heartfelt condolences on the unexpected demise. Friends of the artist have posted notes on social media platforms on their greatest loss.

Loved Ones Express Their Condolences On Social Media

Kiko, a close friend of Nikkolas has made a tribute to the late artist online and this was shared by the fans. As per the data, it is believed that Kiko is also an artist who worked with Nikkolas until his demise.

He posted the tribute note on his Facebook post stating that when a friend passes away, the loved ones feel as if they were cheated in life. But for the deceased ones, he believes that they don’t realize how fortunate they are to have someone or something that makes the last goodbye much more difficult. 

From the post shared by Kiko, it is clear how it feels when you lose one of your close friends. The close ones go through hard stages of grief and even feel like they have been betrayed in one or another way.

You will not be aware of how fortunate you are to have someone to whom you can bid goodbye until they are taken away from you forever. And in such a condition you might not have any idea why it feels more difficult or hard for you to part in different ways.        

The post shared by Kiko has touched several hearts who might take the message he meant to share deeply into their own lives.

From the message, it is very much clear that the death of someone close makes a hole in the others and this can’t be filled or taken away by anyone or anything other than the deceased ones.

And this becomes known to all when the past memories you share with the person or anything close to you still stay inside you afresh.

He concluded by saying that he is grateful for the opportunity to call Mohess a friend and wished his soul to rest in peace until they meet again. 

Numerous personalities posted their heartfelt condolences on social media which include Kyle Vidair, Wildelis Fernandez, etc.

Some of them prayed for his soul to rest in peace and even guaranteed that it was their time to entertain the deceased one and they even stated that they won’t let him get bored soon. 

Aureliano Lee Garcia remembers the last memories that she shared with Nikkolas when the two had late-night wins on Fortnite and how they enjoyed each other’s company. She even added that he’ll be missed very badly by all. 

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Brandon Mohess, Nikkolas’ brother posted that at this difficult time of the demise of their dear one, it is heartwarming to see all the messages they receive as a tribute to his late brother.

He said that even though the family faces a difficult time, they are happy to say that Nikkolas was one among them and happy to see all those photos and messages they receive from the great people Nikkolas were friends with throughout his years alive.

He thanked everyone for their kindness and heartfelt condolences and said that it won’t be left unnoticed. He concludes by saying that Nikkolas was their biggest headache and the biggest blessing they could ask for and he urged that he will make sure the city never forgets him with his demise.  

As of the reports, the reason behind the death of the young artist is unknown. Also, details regarding his personal life are quite private and limited. It was informed that the obituary of Nikkolas Mohess and his funeral plans will be announced later by the family.  

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