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Is Vanessa Hudgens And Cole Tucker Pair Officially Engaged?



Is Vanessa Hudgens And Cole Tucker Pair Officially Engaged

It is believed that Vanessa Hudgens, who is widely known for her role as Gabriella Montez in the “High School Musical”‌ got engaged to baseball shortstop Cole Tucker. The couple’s romance is shortlived before the engagement when compared with Vaneesa’s previous relationship with the “Elvis” star, Austin Butler, whom she dated for nine years before splitting up in January 2020.

It is believed that the couple started dating shortly after Vanessa parted ways with her ex-boyfriend. She admitted that she made the first move by sliding to Cole Tucker’s dm in late 2020. In her words “If I want Something or someone, I am going after them”.

Has The Couple Revealed Their Engagement?

After two years of dating, the sources suggest that the couple had officially engaged and plans to keep it down as they enjoy their private moment. However, the couple may make it official any day, as they haven’t didn’t update their fans with their public display of affection.

Is It True That Vanessa Hudgens And Cole Tucker Are Engaged

According to reports, Vanessa has been lively, enjoying quality time with the former Pittsburgh Pirates players. In late 2022, the couple was seen in Paris arriving at a hotel in November. The paparazzi captured the couple laughing around; Vanessa was hiding from the cameras, wearing a floor-length trench coat with a bucket hat covering her face.

As their pictures from Paris surf through the internet, both of the celebrity’s fans have gone crazy, assuming that the couple has gotten engaged and enjoying their time together before revealing it as official.

One thing is for sure, if they have engaged then sooner or later they will make it official on their official Instagram handle. Their desire to ponder love for the fans has not diminished as it is hoped to grow.

Earlier in October, the couple attended a Halloween event, where the athlete was dressed as Sting and the 34-year-old actress as Miss Argentina. The couple has been busy pondering love for each other as they enjoy most of their time together. 

Last year, Vanessa celebrated Cole’s birthday, which seems to be romantic as she captioned the Instagram post with a series of romantic photos. This indicates that the bond between couples is getting stronger as they age like fine wine.

It is assumed that the couple began dating in late 2022 after they met in a meditation group on Zoom. However, Cole publicly confirmed that he is dating the “Journey 2; Mysterious Island” actress, during an interview with a group of reporters in an MLB spring training session.

The bond between the couple keeps sparking as they support each other’s careers and lifestyles. Vanessa was‌ seen, showing up for numerous baseball games to cheer him up, whereas he followed her to the recent golden globe award ceremony.

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Prior to her relationship with Cole Tucker, Vanessa dated Austin Butler. The exes began dating in September 2011 and went public at the premiere of her film “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island”. Until 2019, the couple was on a rollercoaster of romance.

Even though rumors were speculated that they both got engaged in 2017 after Vanessa flashed a diamond ring, she denied speculations regarding her engagement with Austin Butler. After nine long years, the couple got to break up. According to claims, Vanessa was‌ telling her close friends about their breakup.

The reports suggest that both of the couples parted their ways maturely; therefore, both of the Hollywood celebrities could move on without holding any grudges. Similar to Vanessa who began dating Cole Tucker, Austin is dating 21-year-old model Kaia Gerber, whom he met on attending a yoga session together.

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