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Cristina Grimmie Cause Of Death: What Happened To Her?  



Cristina Grimmie Cause Of Death What Happened To Her  

People making searches on past incidents are very common. There is no doubt that they showing interest in a popular incident that occurred in the past years. 

In the case of Christina Grimmie, her death, cause of death, and personal life are searched on the Internet by many people. Her death was recorded as a famous incident in 2016. And several investigations and searches were formed regarding her death. 

Who Is Christina Grimmie?  

Christina Victoria Grimmie was born in 1994. She was a popular American singer and influential YouTuber. She began her career by posting covers of famous songs on YouTube in 2009. 

Cristina Grimmie Cause Of Death

She released her song Find Me in 2011 through her YouTube channel and it got one million subscribers. And she released her studio album With Love in 2013 when her YouTube channel reached almost 2 million subscribers. 

As a popular American singer and influential Youtuber Grimmie’s death and cause of death are discussed even after many years. 

How She Was Died?

As a popular American singer, Grimmie always attempted to maintain a good relationship with the public. She kept a good unfiltered connection with her fans. This behavior troubled her and led to her death. 

Let’s discuss how she died. The incident occurred on June 2016. Grimmie was 22. She appeared in a concert and later she was spending her time with her fans and followers. Many of them presented there to see their favorite singer and have an autograph from her. 

But one of them named Kevin James Loibl has come with several dreadful weapons instead of an autograph. Kevin James Loibl, 27, has spotted there with two handguns and a sharp knife. 

He appeared at her while she signing autographs and shot her four times. Later the murderer killed himself with that gun.

She was rushed to a hospital. The singer was fatally injured by gun wounds. Her death was later confirmed that evening at the hospital. Medical officers failed to save her from a critical condition.

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What About The Killer? 

As per the reports from the Police, Loibl had an unrealistic infatuation with the singer. Similar incidents had occurred before. Some obsessive fans show their interest to harm their admiring people. There are various examples that fans felt a kind of ownership of their favorite stars. 

Killer Of Cristina Grimmie

Loibl’s family said that he has not expressed any mental illness before. According to his family, he lived like a hermit throughout his life and had no history of any kind of mental instability. As per the officials, there are no criminal records in the name of Loibl. 

He was always averse to light. So he kept his windows covered with thick curtains and sometimes aluminum foils. 

The weapons he used in the murder were purchased legally some days before the murder-suicide. Police found several things that he referred to killing Grimmie such as a handgun Magazine, knife, ticket for Grimmie’s concert, etc after an examination of his body from the spot.

The hotel manager responded Loibl checked in at the hotel the night before the program. He has not carried any luggage or any leftovers in that room. 

As per the reports from his family, Loibl never said a little word about Grimmie. And they were not noticed that he passionately heard the music of that singer. And he didn’t show experience in handling a gun. 

Officials have searched computers and mobile phones. His computer was not working it was seemingly the hard drive was damaged. And his mobile phone was encrypted as no one can access and find anything. 

Loibl’s friend Cory Dennington has remarked that Loibl has obsessed with that singer. He monitored Grimmie through YouTube and her social media accounts. 

Dennington added Loibl’s obsession with the singer was not normal. As his only friend Dennington has tried to change his mind after noticing several changes in his behavior. 

He said he can’t believe that Loibl killed Grimmie. His co-workers at a store have remarked they know about his obsession with that singer but don’t aware of its extent. 

And Loibl behaves like a stranger and worked at the back of the store by showing discomfort to interact with others. 

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