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Who Was Beth Howland, Charles Kimbrough Wife?



Who Was Beth Howland, Charles Kimbrough Wife

Beth Howland, the wife of Charles Kimbrough was the finest actress in the 80s who was best acknowledged for her role in the sitcom Alice as the beautiful dining server Vera Gorman.  unfortunately, her husband Charles Kimbrough passed away on January 11, 2023, at the age of eighty-six.

As we all know, this resounding actress and wife of Charles Kimbrough took an untimely heavenly departure in 2016. A bunch of people across the globe are avidly curious to know about the deceased Charles Kimbrough wife.

Who Was Beth Howland?

Beth Howland was not at all a stranger to the colossal entertainment industry and she was a profusely talented actress by profession. She was a gleaming star in the 80s and was born on May 28, 1941, on the outskirts of Brighton, Massachusetts, US.

Beth Howland, Charles Kimbrough Wife

After Charles Kimbrough’s first wife died back in 2007, he found his solace in Beth Howland who came into his life unexpectedly. They both do not share any kids, but she had a daughter Holly Howland in her previous relationship with the actor Michael J Pollard

Real NameElizabeth Howland
OccupationActress, soundtrack, producer
Born28 May 1941
BirthplaceBrighton, Massachusetts
Date of deathDecember 31, 2015
Died PlaceSanta Monica, CA
Date Of DeathDecember 31, 2015
Net Worth$5 Million
SpouseCharles Kimbrough , Michael J. Pollard
Children(s)Holly Pollard

Beth Howland And Her Career

Her real name Beth Howland was Elizabeth Howland and during her career span, she worked both on stage and as well as in television. Charles Kimbrough Wife Beth Howland became more noticeable and garnered recognition and fame by acting in the 80s sitcom Alice as Vera Gorman. Her unique way of pulling off the role as a waitress really made her insipient career rose to prominence. 

Moreover, she also got the opportunity to enact in the original Broadway of Stephen Sondheim’s Company as Amy. Moreover, Beth Howland also expanded her wings in musicals like Bye Bye Birdie, High Spirits, and Drat! The Cat! and Darling of the Day. 

Was Beth Howland Married Twice?

The answer to this particular question is a big Yes. Beth Howland aka Elizabeth Howland was married twice in her life. Before getting married to the Murphy Brown alum, Beth Howland was married to the actor Michael J Pollard in 1961. 

Almost making their relationship for eight long years, the actor and actress decided to pull the plug on their relationship back in 1969, and soon after that the ex-couple welcomed their beautiful daughter, Holly Howland. 

Beth Howland, Charles Kimbrough Wife

After their separation and being a single mother, the actress Beth Howland met Charles Kimbrough. And following the year in 2002, they were hitched and the beautiful couple remained together as thick as thieves until death came for her in an early stage. 

Beth Howland Cause Of Death

It was at the age of seventy-four that Charles Kimbrough’s Wife Howland passed away in 2015. As per sources, the beautiful actress was battling with formidable lung cancer, and finally, the angels came for her on New Year’s Eve. 

After her death took a toll on her family, the actor Charles Kimbrough gathered the strength to announce the death news and stated that she didn’t want a funeral or memorial, because she never intended to make a fuss about it. 

Charles Kimbrough Death

Charles Kimbrough, ‘Murphy Brown’ actor, dies at 86 on January 11, 2023, in Culver City, California. It was his son who confirmed the death news of this finest actor on Sunday and people were indeed sad to bear the news. 

Charles Kimbrough was married twice and both his partners also took an untimely earthly departure. He was married first to Mary Jane Wilson Kimbrough and she died in 2007. Later after struggling with the loss he married the actress Beth Howland. She had a major role in acting in the 80s sitcom Alice as a diner server Vera.

Charles Kimbrough Death

But unfortunately, she died in 2016 leaving her family in deep sorrow and agony. After her departure, Charles Kimbrough was the only one left for the bereaving family to have support. 

But the inevitable fate came for him at the age of eighty-six and he is survived by a sister, Linda Kimbrough, a son, Jon Kimbrough, a stepdaughter, Holly Howland, and a grandchild. 

When we dwell know about Charles Kimbrough cause of death, it is known that he died due to natural causes as he was in his late eighties. Now his son and his stepdaughter are left in this world. 

He was nominated for the Tony Award for his mind-blowing performance as Harry Stephen in Sodheim’s Company. He also got the opportunity to star in the off-Broadway premiere of Sylvia, which was penned by A R Gurney. Meanwhile, he also appeared in a commercial for chef Boyardee’s Spaghetti and Meatballs. 

It was with the sitcom Murphy Brown that he became well-acknowledged and his role as Jim Dial gave him vast recognition and fame. 

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