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Ashton Kutcher’s Awkward Pose With Reese Witherspoon: Facts On The Rumors



Ashton Kutcher's Awkward Pose With Reese Witherspoon Facts On The Rumors

Ashton Kutcher was conscious when he stood next to his Co-star, Reese Witherspoon. Kutcher admits that he would become the victim of rumors if he put his arm around her.

Ashton Kutcher posed for a photo awkwardly with his co-star at the premiere of their new romantic comedy, ‘your place or mine’.

The two film stars showed such a lack of chemistry on the red carpet. This red carpet appearance went viral on social media. Both film stars posed at the Netflix rom-com’s premiere in Los Angeles on Feb.2. 

Kutcher revealed the reason behind the awkward pose during an episode of the chick in the office podcast on Feb.6. He said he kept a distance from Reese Witherspoon.

Because, if he put his arms around her, rumors would be spread as he is having an affair with her. Therefore, he consciously stood next to her and put his hands into their pockets.

He believes that standing in that manner is appropriate and there would be no chance of rumors and people may be mistaken as they disconnect from each other. 

The School Photo Pose

At the end of the podcast, the 45-year-old American actor told that he and Reese are really good friends. They are very close and he didn’t want to defend it.

Ashton Kutcher's Awkward Pose With Reese Witherspoon

After the premiere, the photo went viral and social media widely discussed the two star’s carpet disconnect.

People on social media commented on the lack of chemistry between Kutcher and Witherspoon on the red carpet. Kutcher hasn’t seen the countless memes about him and Witherspoon.

During the podcast, Ashton Kutcher said that his wife, Mila Kunis trolled him about the pose. She texted both of them about the awkward pose of Kutcher and Reese.

She told him to act like each other. One of the hosts said they are looking like children who pose for a school photo. Kutcher told the audience that some people are yelling the names of him and his co-star Reese.

He posed awkwardly for the photo to avoid rumors. The awkward way of posing came to his mind after knowing the social media craze that was ignited after Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain showed off chemistry at the 2021 Venice Film festival

During the conversation on ‘Today’ show, Witherspoon confirmed that she had contact with Mila Kunis longer than she’s known, Kutcher. So, she enjoyed the memes and trolls. She added that it was fun to read all those comments under the photos posted on social media.  

The film they are starring ‘your place or mine’ is going to hit the streaming platform on Feb 10. Witherspoon acts as Debbie and Kutcher act as Peter.

The onscreen couple has been promoting the film all over the place. The film tells the story of two- long best friends. They are not only best friends on screen but also in real life.

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They shared everything in their daily life from talking about their favorite football teams to what they make for dinner. Kutcher told Esquire that they were good friends even before the film shoot.

So they didn’t necessarily film together. The fans of Kutcher and Witherspoon are eagerly waiting for the streaming of  ‘your place or mine’ on Feb. 10.

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