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Kelsea Ballerini’s Tik Tok Video Indicates She Is Sharing A Bed With Chase Stokes!



Kelsea Ballerini’s Tik Tok Video Indicates She Is Sharing A Bed With Chase Stokes!

The “Outer Banks” actor Chase Stokes has been‌ seen together with the 29-year-old singer Kelesa Ballerini. The fans have earlier witnessed both celebrities attending the College Football National Championship Game in Los Angeles along with their acquaintances, last month.

The dating rumors exploded after the couple was seen snuggling during the football game. In response to the speculations, the newly-found couples have been spilling the beans regarding their relationship on social media.

Did The Couple Reveal Their Relationship?

The “The Beach House”  actor revealed that he and Kelsea Ballerini had a lovely time together; he added that “Kelsea is a lovely, lovely girl. She’s great. We’re having a good time,”

On the other hand, Ballerni has let the cat out of the bag by confirming their relationship over Tik Tok. In the clip released by the “Peter Pan” singer, the Grammy Award Nominating singer can be seen sipping their drink from a Mug, wearing a gray hoodie with golden-colored eye patches as part of her skincare routine.

Meanwhile, at the end of the clip the 29-year-old singer, slightly ambled the camera toward the rest of the bed, where a tattooed left arm can be seen, which appears to be Chase Stoke’s arm, considering the tattoo.

In the wake of ‌the clip, google searches for the keyword “Chase Stokes arm” ‌ skyrocketed, as ‌fans were enthused to acknowledge that Kelesea Bllernini was indeed sharing a bed with Chase Stokes.

Fans were excited as some responded with comments saying “I did some digging, that is 100% chase’s arm tats!!” While another individual claimed that the actor’s shadow over the headboard was all needed to confirm it was him.

This video was surfed as a response to a fan who suggested Chase Stokes ‌‌come and get her girl on a previous Tik Tok video released by the singer. In the caption of the clip it was written “Replying to @amanda_joy_”

Meanwhile, Chase Stokes’ ex-girlfriend, Madelyn Cline has revealed how she felt about their breakup. Madelyn and Stokes were previously dating for more than a year after the duo called it quits in November 2021.

The couple started dating in June 2020 together after they started to work together on the sets of “Outer Banks”, which ended in October 2021 and was confirmed a month later.

The Glass Onion actress revealed that they have very maturely moved on and have been fine working together since they ended their relationship back in 2021.

When she was asked about going public regarding their breakup, she replied that “My thing is, I don’t owe anyone an explanation”.

She confessed that she really was a private person. She added that both of them promised each other not to make any impact on their work, regarding their relationship.

She said that “Nothing else, Personal or negative, will touch the job.” she added that their job is to leave the show better than they began before.

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Additionally, Madelyne Cline has revealed that he is currently dating. In her terms, “happily taken” she said that her current boyfriend incredibly makes her happy.

The reports suggest that she is dating Jackson Guthy, as they were captured together in a photo, in which Madelyn was holding Jackson’s face while sitting on her lap.

Stokes also revealed some similar statements when he was asked about how he maintains the on-screen love professionally with Cline even after the breakup.

Stokes said that they agreed to put their work as the top priority and they intend to value their words even after the separation.

He assured me that he will always root for her because of her incredible acting and being a lovely human being. He also said he is really proud and impressed by the work they have done together over the past three seasons.

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