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Paula Hurds: Relationship Rumors With Bill Gates, Net Worth, Personal Life, And Career



Paula Hurds Relationship Rumors With Bill Gates, Net Worth, Personal Life, And Career

The recent sightings of Paula Hurd with Bill Gates at the Australian Open in January have been raising questions over a possible relationship between the corporate professionals.

Following his divorce from Melinda Gates in 2021, after 27 years of companionship, Bill Gates was seen with Paula Hurd during multiple sporting events.

Last year, the pair attended the Laver Cup at the O2 Arena in London; before that, the duo was captured in the BNP Paribas Open in Indiana Wells, California in 2021.

Their frequent outings together have been indicating that the duo might be on the verge of blooming a new relationship.

However, recent searches have been pondering regarding the facts of Paula Hurd, as she had a very private life. In this, we are focused on uncovering the highs and lows of Paula Hurd.

Who Is Paula Hurd?

Paula Hurd is famous for his companionship with the former CEO of Oracle, Mark Hurd, who unfortunately passed away in October 2019, after battling cancer.

Paula Hurds and Bill Gates

For her part, she has been a successful producer and a promoter for large-scale and mid-scale event opportunities for private, cooperative, and charitable occasions. She also serves as a philanthropist. 

Early Life

The businesswoman always maintained her life away from social media. Therefore, vast details of her early cannot be found as she hardly spoke about her early life.

It is believed that Paula was born in 1962 in the United States of America, and is currently living in Paolo Alto, California, USA. According to her LinkedIn, she graduated in Marketing from The University of Texas.

Paula Hurd’s Career 

Her successful career includes roles in multiple organizations. She served as a technology executive at NCR corporations for 18 years.

After leaving the firm, she worked for another 10 years at Club 127 as a consultant. She currently manages her wealth at Hurd Family Investments, which she started after her husband passed away in October 2019. She also joined the Board of Regents at Baylor University.

Even after the death of her husband, she continued the tradition of donating to Baylor University. According to reports, she donated $7 million to Baylor University’s new Basketball Ball Pavilion. This contribution marks Baylor’s Give Light Campaign’s over $1 billion mark.

Baylor’s Give Light Campaign. an initiative that focuses on “impact every aspect of campus life, from academics and athletics to student life and global engagement.”

As a passionate tennis player, she partnered with Universal Tennis to form the Universal Tennis Hurd Awards, which aims to award one male and female rising tennis star $100,000.

In the award’s press release, it stated that it will help ‌students “transition from college into professional ranks”.

She also released a statement which was “I am very pleased to continue this transition started by my late husband Mark and to partner with Universal Tennis for these awards.

Paula Hurds and Mark Hurds

Universal Tennis continues to bring innovations to the game and has long supported collegiate tennis and the transition to the professional game.”

Paula’s Net Worth

As for now, Paula’s net worth is estimated to be around more than $200 million. It is believed that she inherited her husband’s wealth after he passed away in 2019.

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Personal Life

Her personal life is very private as she loves living a low profile by preventing the spotlight, even though her husband is well known.

She married Mark Hurd in 1990 and continued their relationship until he passed away due to cancer. The pair welcomed two daughters, Kathryn and Kelly, during their course of the journey.

Following his death, Paula was seen a couple of times with Bill Gates, going with him to watch tennis matches. Rumors surround that their mutual love for tennis has sparked their love between the two.

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