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Who is Paula Hurd? Bill Gates’ Rumored New Girlfriend



Who is Paula Hurd

The rumor about Bill Gates’s new love life swelled over the internet for years after his ex-wife Melinda French Gates divorced. After their official announcement of ending the twenty-seven years of marriage was confirmed, Bill Gates was snapped together with Paula Hurd and the rumor mill started to disseminate the riveting news worldwide. So let us have a deep look into the new love life of Bill Gates and learn more about his lady love. 

Who is Paula Hurd?

Paula Hurd is the widow of late co-CEO Mark Hurd, and she has been in the spotlight for more than a year. More details about Paula Hurd are unknown, but they have been dating for more than a year and are pretty serious about the relationship. 

 Paula Hurd

Paula Hurd once worked as a tech executive and she is currently working as an event planner and an ardent philanthropist. Paula Hurd is now in her sixties and Bill Gates is in his Sixty-seven. Paula Hurd and her late husband Mark Hurd shares two daughters named Kathryn and Kelly. 

Paula Hurd attended the University of Texas at Austin and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Being an ardent philanthropist, Paula Hurd and her late husband contributed to various causes that really helped needy people. She even contributed $7 million donation in  2021. More than being the wife of a millionaire she is pretty much a generous person by all means. 

Even though Paula Hurd was in the spotlight for quite a long more details about her are unknown. She is absolutely a mystery woman, but their relationship is quite open and they are definitely immersed in their love for each other. 

Paula Hurd’s husband died at the age of sixty-two in October 2019. He was battling cancer for a long and finally, angels came for him. At the time of his demise, he had a net worth estimated at $500 million at the time of his death. 

Mark Hurd ran a computer and printer maker Hewlett Packard and was well-established in his career from 2005 to 2010. Before his death, his name was included in a sexual harassment scandal and joined Oracle a month after that. 

The duo met even before her husband Mark died, and Bill Gates and Paula crossed paths even before and their friendship has turned into a romantic relationship. The duo was spotted together in 2015, and they were enjoying a tennis match at that time. Bill Gates and Paula Hurd were enjoying the Men’s Singles Final together at the Australian Open in Melbourne. 

Who is Paula Hurd Bill Gates’ Rumored New Girlfriend

The romance rumors were fueled even faster when the duo was seen together over umpteen times and they were walking together around the Aussie city. But during that time, who was Paula Hurd was a mystery. Even though her identity still remains intricate and mysterious she was not at all identified by any of the media outlets at that time. 

When we look at the side of Bill Gates, who was married for long twenty-seven years to Melinda Gates. But back in August 2021, the rich and sophisticated couple finalized their divorce. Bill Gates and Melinda shared three kids including Jennifer, Rory, and Phoebe. 

Bill Gates has a net worth estimated at $106 billion and he even stated that he caused pain in his marital relationship because of that he and his wife had to bid adieu. Even though he did not state the particulars that caused his marriage at stake, we could infer that it has something to do with a woman.

The business magnate once said about having an affair with one of his Microsoft employees twenty years prior, so maybe these sort of indiscretions could have strained their marriage. 

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