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Comedy And Speechwriter ‘Bob Orben’ Dies At Age 95



Comedy And Speechwriter ‘Bob Orben’ Dies At Age 95

The great comedy and speechwriter Bob Orban passed away at the age of 95.  Yvette Chevallier, his great-niece, confirmed the death at a nursing home in Virginia on February 2, 2023.

The legend took his final breath after fighting several health issues. He died peacefully and entered the divine world when he was surrounded by his family.

His inner organs have stopped working and not responding to the treatments. Due to this, his physique was constantly turning weak, and surrendered to death. 

He was a legend who made people laugh with his simple language and had a unique talent for creating humor from little things. Apart from being a comedy writer, he served as a speechwriter for President Ford and wrote about 200 speeches a year as a congressman. 

More About The Legend Bob Orben

Bob Orben started his career as a magician in 1950. The encyclopedia of Patter was his first magic book which he produced in 1946. He wrote multiple books on comedy, mostly a collection of gags and one-liners.

He published his first gag book at the age of 18. He was named a One-Man Gag Factory, which uses humor as a marvelous communication tool. His one-liners were used by entertainers, disc jockeys, and politicians through his newsletter, Current comedy.

After his initial success in the magic community, he applied his humor in other writings and got appreciated by corporates and political clients. Following his transition to the political field, he was appointed as a consultant and speechwriter during Ford’s presidency and became a special assistant to the president.

Even after the presidency of Ford, the president continued to employ Orben’s humor for commencement speeches, national conventions, and public speeches through the 1990s.

From 1976 to 1977, he served as a special assistant to the president under the counselor Robert T. Hartmann and white house speechwriting staff. He had a special talent to manage political situations and build a positive image of politicians in public. 

His speechwriting also applied to professional and non-profit organizations. He applied humor in every field to boost communication with people in a different way.

His talk “The Business of Humor, the Humor of Business” was the most famous speech in the business and communication field.

He also contributed his jokes and one-liners to newspapers and magazine columns. Apart from writing, he edited his comedy newsletter titled Orben’s Current Comedy.

His words were magical and had the strength to hold the audience and influence them with a splash of humor. So, many public speakers and famous personalities approached Bob to prepare speeches for them.

His line is so notable that it remains on the minds of people for a long time. Bob Orben has been listed as a notable editor and writer by Marquis Who’s Who.

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After the popularity of his first gag book, he started to write more books of gags, comprising sketches, sight bits, Screamline comedy, and laugh packages.

His famous books include Magicdotes (1948), FlipLine (1952), Professional Patter (1950), and Comedy Techniques (1951). He served as a professional comedy writer for Jack Paar and Red Skelton. 

Social media are paying tribute to the favorite comedy writer who has presented wonderful and relatable lines with the correct amount of humor.

The quotes were recognized as the signature words of the legend who never made his audience feel weird.

Twitter has been flooded with the immense response of his fans on his death. All the people are remembering his contributions and work in distinct fields.

His existence in the world is remarkable and will be written in history. The future generation will remember the legend with a smile on their faces.  

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