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‘You’ 4th Season Spoilers Ahead: Who Killed Malcolm? Is It Really Joe Golberg?



‘You’ 4th Season Spoilers Ahead Who Killed Malcolm Is It Really Joe Golberg

The fourth season of the American psychological thriller television series, ‘You’ is here putting an end to the long waiting. Fans of the series all over the world were going crazy over the fact that the first part will be released this February. But after the release, the only doubt fans have in mind is, who is the killer of Malcolm? 

The following article will have spoilers for the fourth season part 1, so if you have plans to watch the season, then better watch the series on Netflix and be back here so that you’ll clear all your doubts.  

On February 9, 2023, Netflix released the first five episodes of the fourth season that the fans were anticipating for months.

The third season of the series was released on October 15, 2021, and witnessed the marriage of Joe and Love. From the previous seasons, viewers have seen how Joe Golberg, played by Penn Badgley gets involved in more and more deadly mysteries.

Here We’ll Find Out Who The Real Murderer Is!

In this season, he ends up involved in the murder of his colleague Malcolm who was found dead by Joe. As part one of season four put a pause for a while, fans are still confused just like Joe who doesn’t have any idea what happened to Malcolm.  

‘You’ 4th Season Who Killed Malcolm Is It Really Joe Golberg

Joe’s life in season three of ‘You’ ended up in America and the fourth installment was set up in London. Here he keeps a very low profile of that of a literature professor, Jonathan Moore. The season has a long list of characters who are believed to continue until the end of the season.

But this doesn’t fit well for a character who gets murdered while he was with Joe. This death is both shocking for the fans and even the protagonist himself.

And he still has no idea what happened with Malcolm and initially believed that he was the one who killed Malcolm while they were together. 

Malcolm, played by Stephen Hagan, was introduced to the audience in the first episode of the season. He is one of Joe’s colleagues at the university.

During his time at the university, he makes friends with some of the wealthiest people in town which even includes Malcolm. Apart from him, the friend circle includes Simon, Gemma, Kate, Lady Phoebe, Adam, etc.

But the scene gets worse as one by one of them gets murdered by some mysterious serial killer whom they refer to as the “Eat the Rich” killer.

And as the story proceeds, Joe gets to know that the problem or the intention behind the murder is not because they were all wealthy but rather all these people are connected to a common thing, him.

He found out that the people around him get killed by someone who is very well aware of his original identity. Also, the killer wanted to frame Joe for all the murders he committed. But as part one ends people are very much anticipating who the killer will be. 

Is Joe himself the killer of Malcolm and the rest who lost their lives in the recent season? It is quite natural to doubt Joe as his past reveals him as a serial killer who has committed a myriad of crimes by now.

And after finding out about Malcolm’s body, Joe himself doubts that he is the killer, also he was drunk and wasn’t much aware of what happened last night which confirms that something could have happened. 

After believing that he was the one who killed his colleague, the thing he first tried to do was to cover up the incident and clean up the mess. He gets rid of Malcolm’s body and even cleans every trace of blood from the room and himself.

But only after doing all this, he receives a message from the real killer or the mystery man who actually killed Malcolm. The messages he received get deleted on their own after he reads them.

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The mystery man confesses that Joe wasn’t the one who committed the murder of his new friends, rather it was he who did the crime.

And the man even revealed that he wanted to picture Joe in all the crimes so that he’ll get punished for what he has done. While Joe gets busy finding out who the “Eat the Rich” killer is, the mystery man continues with his killings.   

Although people get killed around Joe’s friend circle, he was much relieved that he didn’t fall back into his past and didn’t mess things up. But as Joe really had to find the Killer to prove his innocence in front of others who doubt Joe for all the murders, he starts the investigation in his own way.

And after great digging into truths, it was discovered that Rhys Montrose is the one who is responsible for all these murders including that of Malcolm.

And this is revealed in the fifth episode of the season. It was found that Rhys is the one who is not much fond of the rich lifestyle of all those who are murdered. By the end of the part, one of the details about the “Eat the Rich” killer gets revealed. 

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