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‘Sister Wives’ Star Christine Brown Reveals New Boyfriend On Valentine’s Day



‘Sister Wives’ Star Christine Brown Reveals New Boyfriend On Valentine's Day

Popular Television personality Cristine Brown revealed her new boyfriend along with some photographs on Valentine’s day. Christine introduced her new partner David Woolley through her Instagram post. 

Christine was legally separated from her husband Kody Brown in 2021. She shared several photographs of them sitting together along with a caption that she finally found the love of her life David Woolley. And she tagged his Instagram profile on her post. 

She wrote “The first time he held me close, it felt like my soul took its first breath. He’s wonderful and kind, incredible with my children, and an adorable grandpa. I never dreamed I could find a love like this” and she concluded the post by adding several hashtags such as “soulmate”, “feeling good”, “Love my life” “partner” and “blessed”

From Secret Love To Happy Valentine’s

The new couple paused for a selfie with a smile in the first photo. And in the second photo, Christine Brown held a baby and the duo smiled looking at each other. In the third photograph, they are sitting on a couch and holding twins Archer and Ace Padron in their arms. 

David came with an Instagram post along with a photograph of them and captioned “My Queen”. 

Christine Brown shared a video clip on the Instagram story of her journey along with her new boyfriend. She started, she has someone to introduce to and panned the camera over to David. He wished her by saying Hello my queen and she smiled. 

Christine Brown thanked her followers for their all support and blessings. And she said they having a lovely, lovely time together. The couple concluded the video by wishing Happy Valentine’s Day to all. 

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The previous year she had made several updates about her exclusive relationship on Instagram. In 2022, Christine said to her fans that she casually dating someone after she moved to Utah with her daughter. 

Christine Brown said about her secret relationship with someone last week also. But she didn’t reveal the name and details of her secret love. 

Life With Her Ex-Husband 

Christine Brown lived with her former husband Kody Brown for 26 years. In those years she was living with her husband and his other three partners: Janelle 53, Robyn 44, and Meri 52, and their total 18 children. 

In 2021, Christine Brown legally split from Kody Brown . she shared the news on Instagram and wrote that after around 26 years together, she made the difficult decision to separate.

And she added, they will continue to be a strong presence in their lives as parents of six beautiful children and support their wonderful family. And she asks for kindness and support to overcome that difficult situation. Later she moved to Utah with her daughter Truley. 

Further reports came as Janelle and Meri the other two wives of Kody Brown had separated from him and he remains live with his wife Robyn. 

In January 2022, Christine Brown has made a post pointing out her need for another man. She wrote she was looking for another love and seeking advice from her fans. 

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