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Neal Mohan Net Worth- Fortune Of New Youtube CEO, Age, Salary, And More



The Indian-American business executive Neal Mohan is the talk of the town recently after he had a great change in his job role.

Although he was quite a popular name in the tech industry, his work at Google has made him achieve one of the greatest achievements of his life. 

Real NameNeal Mohan
ProfessionBusiness executive
Date of Birth1975
BirthplaceLucknow, India
HometownUnited States
NationalityIndian American
Famous ForYouTube’s new CEO
CollegeStanford University
Net Worth$350 million

On February 16, 2023, Mohan succeeded to the position of CEO of YouTube as the former YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki stepped down from the position after nine years at the helm. 

Check out the article for more details about the new YouTube CEO Neal Mohan, his personal life, net worth, and much more. 

Neal Mohan’s Career And Achievements

The current CEO of YouTube was born in Lucknow, India in the early 70s and has moved to the United States for his higher studies.

Neal Mohan's Career And Achievements

He attended Stanford University and graduated with a degree in electrical engineering in 1996. 

He started his career with Accenture, an Irish-American professional services company. Later in 1997, he joined Net Gravity and managed the company’s operations.

As it grew to great prominence, the company was taken over by DoubleClick the same year and because of this, he shifted from California to New York, where the company’s headquarters was located.    

As his work grew into prominence, he became the vice president of business operations. In 2003, he went back to Stanford to pursue his MBA.

During this period, the company faced serious issues and David Rosenblatt became CEO of DoubleClick and Mohan was also enlisted in order to bring up the company.

And as of the plans, Google acquired DoubleClick in 2007. The same year Mohan joined Google and grew into great prominence in business operations. 

With his skills, Twitter tried to hire him as their chief product officer but Google convinced him to stay by paying around $100 million in bonus.

And it was also said that even Facebook attempted to hire Mohan at the time but was fruitless. Prior to his role as the CEO of YouTube, Mohan was the senior vice president of display and video ads at Google.   

Neal Mohan’s NetWorth

As Mohan’s prominence is known to all by now, it is clear that he owns a good sum. From a recent estimate held in 2023, it was estimated that the present CEO of YouTube owns a Net Worth of over $350 million.

And as it is known to all that this could vary anytime due to the influence the people have in society it is still unclear what the original net worth is. Also, he hasn’t confirmed his actual net worth anywhere so it still remains undefined.  

Being one of the most influential people in digital marketing, he has worked for the upcoming of a myriad of tech companies.

And as discussed above, many other top companies have attempted to hire him which even increased his value in this field.

Role In YouTube

From the records, Mohan joined YouTube in 2015 as their Chief Product Officer. Being in the position, he has worked on many releases including YouTube Music, YouTube TV, YouTube Premium, and YouTube Shorts between the 2010s and 2020s.

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He was the one who developed a “top-notch product and UX team,” within YouTube. And presently, after the stepping down of Susan Wojcicki, the former CEO of YouTube, Mohan succeeded her as the CEO. 

His Personal Life

Speaking about his personal life, he keeps his affairs private, and not much information regarding this is available now.

Neal Mohan's NetWorth

All that is known to the media is that he is married to Hema Sareen Mohan during his time at DoubleClick. It is said that his wife has worked in the non-profit and public welfare sectors for over two decades. 

Business Ventures And Endorsements

Apart from his position on YouTube, he has also worked with Microsoft and is presently a Board member of Stitch Fix and 23andMe. Also, it was believed that he served as a council member for international relations. 


Q. How old is Neil Mohan?

As of the data, it is assumed that the current CEO of YouTube is around 46-47 years old. 

Q. What is Neil Mohan’s worth?

From the latest estimate of February 2023, it is estimated that he owns a net worth of around $350 million. 

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