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Was Grigori Rasputin Gay Or Bi? What Was His Sexual Orientation?



Was Grigori Rasputin Gay Or Bi What Was His Sexual Orientation

Grigori Rasputin is widely known as the mystic healer and “Holy Man”. Rasputin was involved in several controversies, but his sexuality was never questioned. He was even accused of being the queen’s lover during a time when Rasputin offered his mystic powers to the royal couple. The history indicates that he had multiple mistresses throughout his years. Even women followed him for his ability to provide for and heal them.

Truth About Rasputin Sexuality And Miracles

Studies revealed that he was claimed to be sleeping with women in order to take up their sins and help them, seek the warmth of god to seek a way to live away or forgive the sins they have made.

It is believed that Grigori Rasputin’s sexuality was not gay or bi. He was married to a peasant girl named Praskovya Dubronia. The couple married in 1887 and they birthed seven children, but only three of them survived to adulthood: Dmitry (born 1895), Maria (born 1898), and Varvara (born 1900).

Rasputin's Sexuality

In addition, no citizens witnessed or accused Rasputin of involving or attempting to lure men for his comfort. 

Although he has a deep relationship with his followers because he learns the needs of the followers and seeks god’s guidance to provide for them. In most cases, most of his followers seek him out when they are physically uncomfortable. Rasputin always successfully eased them from their distress. Even many historians and Doctors claimed that they had witnessed Rasputin performing miracles in front of them.

Mysteries Of Rasputin Life And Assassination

As many have been claiming, Rasputin was a monk, in particular, a “Mad Monk”, precisely the “Bad Monk.” However, the mystic figure never took a monastery vow to become a monk. At the time he even accused Russian monks – of engaging in homosexual acts. Using his own terminology “The monastic life is not for me. One finds violence over people there.” This indicates that Rasputin was never interested in engaging in homosexual relations.

Over time, Rasputin convinced his followers that salvation could only be found through sin and repentance. In one way this means that Rasputin tempts them to sin in order to achieve salvation. Thus, many churches during the time accused Rasputin of taking advantage of women by sleeping with them using this belief.

Grigori Rasputin's-Life

One of the most mysterious episodes in Rasputin’s life was his assassination. It is believed that Rasputin was killed in the early morning on 30 December 1916. He was killed in ‌Felix Yusupov’s home before dumping his body in the river. According to the memoir of Yuspov, he invited Rasputin to his home after midnight. First, he tried to poison Rasputin with Cyanide, which he clearly failed even after Rasputin ate the cake laced with cyanide. Yuspov offered a poisoned Madeira wine when Rasputin asked; Drinking the wine, he was not affected in any way.

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Out of frustration, he excused himself upstairs and took the gun from Dmitry Pavlovich, and returned it to him. Before the shot, he said, “better look at the crucifix and say a prayer”. He was shot in his chest and left there to die. However, he didn’t die on the spot and took a fight with Yuspov before he was again shot by Purishkevich. The Malaya Nevka River received his dumped body. 

Things didn’t end there, up to finding his body 200 meters downstream of a bridge. The body had scars from a shot. According to the autopsy report, the body didn’t have any signs of poisoning except for ‌bullet marks and signs of severe trauma.

He was buried on 2 January at a small church that Anna Vyrurubova built at Tsarskoye Selo. after the imperial family of the Tsar abdicated from the throne, his body was exhumed.

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