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Ashley Lovelace Cause Of Death: What Actually Happened To Her?



Ashley Lovelace Cause Of Death What Actually Happened To Her

For those who don’t know who Ashley Lovelace is. Ashley Lovelace was a popular social media celebrity and model who ‌gained over more than 400,000 Instagram followers at the age of 16. Her followers were further gained when she shot herself on January 22, 2019.

Ashley was born on November 7, 2002, at Abington  Hospital in Abington, Pennsylvania to Stacy Pak, a South Korean Mother, and Terrence Lovelace. When she was five years old family moved to Las Vegas. She grew up with her three siblings, Yunte, Maya, and Keyan, and two step-siblings Talisha, and Amir.

Her exposure to social media allowed her to follow her passion for singing, fashion, and modeling while growing up. She was studying at Sierra Vista High School.

Ashley Lovelace Death Was Announced By Her Mother Through Social Media

Her suicide was announced by her mother on Twitter. The statement reads “Ashley’s death is a very sensitive matter. There is no blame on any of her peers at her school, her boyfriend, or her friends.

Ashley loved everyone even the ones that weren’t very nice to her. That’s who she was. We all her mourning. She is, was the true angel God has sent to me for 16 yrs. So please out of respect for Ashley. Let’s remember her for her beautiful smile and heart. Keep her legacy alive because that’s what she would have wanted she is my love and my baby daughter. Mommy loves you always.”

Following the statement, fans did not take the death of the young Ashley lightly, as they were certain that she was self-inflicted because of cyberbullying. Several fans pulled out some screenshots of Ashley engaging in self-destructive behavior.

According to her online activity of Ashley’s, she was constantly involved with a bully named Tyler Edmonds. The fans believe that Tyler cyberbullied Ashley many times and he is the reason for her suicide.

When Tyler was questioned he showed no remorse for the loss of life and he stated that he bullied Ashley because he was bored. Moreover, Tyler seems to be proud of his as well as her actions. 

Tyler further added fuel to the fire by changing his bio in the Instagram handle. His bio then reads “Yo roaches mad about Ashley, get over it, and yes, I’m the reason why she gone. I love to bully and can’t wait to bully more.”

Due to his bullying and many others, Ashley Lovelace was suffering from depression. It is reported that she had cut marks on her arms.

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According to internet activity, she faces bullying most of the time, and Tyler’s bullying turned out to be worse for her. In one of the videos, Tyler was seen telling her to die as she rests in hell. She was bullied so much that she started crying in a video claiming that she could not take it anymore. Despite her video, no one seems serious enough to take action against cyberbullying.

It’s completely unfortunate as well as unfair for the people who suffer cyberbullying. There are many cases similar to this where a young promising girl compromises her life because of cyberbullying.

Even after many years of her death, Tyler Edmonds might still be bullying as his current Instagram handle Id reads “Don’t come for me and the gang @barbiithebully”, with a series of Ashley Lovelace photos. 

Tyler Edmonds

Many fans who support her, have been struggling to accept the fact that she is no more, and the person who is responsible for her fate is enjoying it. 

However, her parents have decided that no one is responsible for her death. Her family has distanced away from the fans claiming that she was bullied. Although it is evident that more than the fans, it is her family who lost the gem. Therefore, their decision must be respected as they intend.

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