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Who Is Harlee McBride? Everything About Richard Belzer Wife



Who Is Harlee McBride Everything About Richard Belzer Wife

Several colleagues and co-stars of Richard Belzer were devastated to learn of his death. His colleagues pose condolences to the family, while Richard Belzer wife, Harlee Mcbride struggles to process the tragic news. No family members or representatives have amounted no statement regarding the actor’s demise.

Harlee McBride is the wife of Richard Belzer, who is famous for his portrayal of Detective John Munch in the NBC television series “Law & Order,” “Homicide,” and other John Munch recurring episodes and series.

More About Richard Belzer Wife

Harlee married Belzer in 1985 when she was 31 years old. At the time, she was a divorcee with two daughters, Bree and Jessica.  Prior to marriage to Belzer, she was married to Garth Benton.

More About Richard Belzer Wife

Before their marriage, Harlee McBride appeared in Playboy as part of an article on sex in the movies. She also appeared in commercials for Ford and other theater roles. Mcbride is also prominent for her role in the 1977 softcore pornographic film “Young Lady Chatterley,” where she played the role of Cynthia Chatterley. She reprised the role for its sequel, “Young Lady Chatterley II.”

Harlee and Belzer are believed to have met in 1981, when she was appearing in commercials for Ford; they both met at the suggestion of ‌a mutual friend. They hit it off instantly and continued to illuminate their spark until Belzer passed away after nearly four decades. 

Although, the actress was not seen in any ‌of ‌the television shows after the marriage, other than “Richard Belzer: Another Lone Nut” and “Homicide: Life on ‌Street.” It was believed that she used to work as a secretary at Disney Land. Apart from that, no facts had been revealed regarding her career.

However, the couple does not share any children. It is reported that the Hollywood actor has a complex relationship with his family; both his father and brother died by suicide while his mother passed away due to breast cancer. 

Harlee always had a low profile. According to reports, she was born on September 20, 1948, in Los Angeles, California. In her early career, she appeared in several small roles on television shows such as “Switch,” “Most Wanted,” and others.

She also appeared as a co-star as Dr. Alyssa Dyer alongside her husband, who plays the starring role of Detective John Munch in“Homicide: Life on the Street.” She appeared in 22 episodes of the series.

The couple has hardly been seen in the limelight after marrying together as they prefer to avoid crowds and media presence. 

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However, once Harlee had a disruptive incident on an Air France flight from New York to Paris. The incident happened on October 12, 2014. She was handcuffed by a cabin crew for yelling and throwing away a tray, of food.

The pilot emergency landed the flight and she had to spend two nights in ‌jail until her bail money was covered. Two years later, she was fined by a Gandeur Judge to pay 426,433 in restitution and $10,000. 

Other than this, the actress doesn’t have any media presence in any matter. Nevertheless, she was widely known for her early career, though.

The family of Richard Belzer, Harlee, and her children are yet to make an announcement or declaration about the demise of the notable star.

Since other co-stars have been grieving at the same time, it is clear to state that, the greatest loss from his death would be for her wife and children, whom they have been with for a longer time than anyone could be. Let all the prayers and condolences be with the family of Belzer during this hard time.

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