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Is Mark Lowry Gay? What Did Mark Say Regarding His Sexuality?



Is Mark Lowry Gay What Did Mark Say Regarding His Sexuality

Renowned American singer Mark Lowry is not only a professional singer and songwriter, but also a comedian, and a minister. The 64 years old Mark Lowry started his career in singing in the early 80s and was prominently known as a member of the Gaither Vocal Band. The singer has recorded a total of twelve albums in his career as both a singer and a comedian. 

As Mark Lowry grew into prominence, fans were interested in knowing more about the artist and his personal life. Also, with the growing speculations that the 64-year-old singer is gay, let’s find out whether these claims made by people and other online forums are true to their words or not. 

Has Lowry Revealed Anything About His Sexuality?

The singer cum comedian Mark Lowry creates some doubts in his fans about his life. The 64-year-old man has not yet married or is not said to be in a romantic relationship which speculates some rumors among the fans about his sexuality.

Is Mark Lowry-Gay

Most of his fans believe that he chose to remain silent about his sexuality rather than come out at this age. Also, when asked about his decision on being single, the singer never responded to any such questions. 

The singer’s high-pitched voice and his ability to keep his fans lively have also fueled the fans about their speculations about his sexuality. Also, whenever some fans ask him about something related to his sexuality, he never reacts to any such claims which have also built speculation that the singer is gay. 

Mark Lowry Early Life And Career

Mark Lowry was born in Houston, Texas, U.S. on June 24, 1958, as the son of an attorney, Charles, and his wife, Beverly. During his time at Liberty Baptist College, he was part of the college evangelistic team that included Charles Hughes and David Musselman. And it was how he started his singing career. And after college, he was a prominent figure in the Baptist churches as a professional singer.

This was also the time when he stepped into his career in comedy. During the pause between the songs, he used to fill the gaps with monologues that clicked with the audience. This gave him the realization that his monologues are getting accepted by the audience.  

The singer is also a popular YouTuber who has over 130 thousand subscribers to his youtube channel. He shares almost everything through his channel as he explores his life and enjoys the maximum out of it. Apart from all these, Mark Lowry has also published five books so far and is currently busy with his tours spreading smiles in his fans with his music and comedy.  

Mark Lowry Personal Life

As of the records, the 64-year-old man is still single and has never married anyone. Although some fans believed that the singer could have gotten married secretly, he announced that his marital status was always single. He even claimed in an interview that Apostle Paul was right about his words and there are some positive sides to being single. 

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Lowry has a brother, a sister, three nieces, and three nephews. He was always spotted with these kids even though he claims that he loves to spend his life being single. Fans are very much confused about his point about getting married.   

Speaking about his dating life, Mark Lowry revealed in an interview that he has dated several women in the past. But as for him, he loves to keep all these private and has succeeded in it. 

Although the speculations on whether the gospel singer is gay or not still remain among the fans, no proof claiming the rumor true are found until today. Also, the singer hasn’t come out on his own revealing his sexuality. As a result, we come to the conclusion that Lowry is not gay, and if in case he is one, then maybe we could expect a great reveal anytime soon. Until then, let’s just leave the singer alone and let him enjoy his singlehood exploring the world and doing what he loves the most.   

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