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Is Chase Stokes Gay? Relationship Details



Is Chase Stokes Gay

Chase Stokes, who is also known as John B Routledge in “Outer Banks” has not been linked with any homosexual relationships up to this. The recent dating update of chase stokes has been making rounds on the internet. Reports confirm that Chase Stokes’s new date is not a guy it is a girl. Thus it makes him straight for the time being.

Chase Stokes Sexuality

Although, Chase Stokes has not revealed his sexuality publicly. Therefore, we cannot determine his sexuality unless he makes public about it. For now, we can say that he is currently in a straight-up relationship. But we cannot deny that he is not gay. Nevertheless, if we take a close look at his previous relationship, we can find out where his interest lies at.

Chase Stokes Sexuality

Who dated Chase Stokes?

Kelsea Ballerini

Chase Stokes is currently dating ‌county singer Kelsea Ballerini. The couple has been seen spending quality time together after Kelsea finalized her divorce from her husband, Morgan Evans

The rumors spiked after they appeared together at the Georgia VS TCU Horned Frogs. At the College Football Playoff National Championship game held on January 9. During the game, the couple was seen cuddling together.

Later, Kelsea addressed the rumors with a screenshot from a fan on her official Tik Tok handle.

Chase Stokes-Kelsea Ballerini

Around mid-January, Stokes broke out of the silence hovering over their dating rumors; in an interview, he revealed that Kelsea was a “sweet girl” and the couple was having a good time. A week later the couple was captured on a date in Nashville, where they can be seen holding hands at Robert’s Western World.

Kelsea went on to post one of the videos on TikTok where she can be seen sharing a bed with Chase Stokes, whose shadow and tattooed arm was displayed in the video. From the tattoo, fans easily figured out that it was the Outer Banks actor.

Only recently Kelsea Ballerini revealed that she is not ‌single when she was discussing her relationship status on a podcast. In the same podcast, she revealed that she is the one who slides into the Chase Stokes dm. In addition, she also admitted that she has never watched any of his shows.

Chase Stokes also opened up about the relationship by praising her and being proud of her achievements and his caress towards her. He revealed ‌Ballerini as the “best” in an interview. It seems that the twosome has been happy with each other even after the failure of their previous relationships.

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Madelyn Cline

Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline began dating after they developed a love interest from the “Outer Banks” television show. The actors play the roles of John B and Sarah Cameron in the starring roles. They initially met during the auditions and sparked their romance as they began working together. 

The couple made their relationship official by sharing pics of them picnicking on a beach. They also appeared in one of ‌Kygo’s music videos while dating.

Chase Stokes-Madelyn Cline

It is believed that the former couple began dating in late 2019 and dated for more than a year before breaking up in late 2021. Madelyn had earlier revealed that it was difficult for her to work with his ex-chase stokes. But the couple promised each other to put work first.

He also praised the work of Madelyn, who has shown massive performances for the past three seasons of the television show.

It is evident that the couple parted ways after a mutual agreement.

Xiomara Montalvo

It is believed that she used to be the long-term girlfriend of Chase Stokes even before he became a star. She is an American model and entrepreneur. She dated Chase Stokes for more than five years when they were pursuing their careers.

Chase Stokes-Xiomara Montalvo

Final Statement

From above, it is clear to determine that Chase Stokes has never pursued his interest in men. He has ‌been in three different relationships with one of them just beginning in early January after being single for many months.

As for now, one can conclude that Chase Stokes has not been in a gay or bisexual relationship with the same sex.

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