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Did Katie Rost Return Back To RHOP? What Happened To Former RHOP Star?



Did Katie Rost Return Back To RHOP What Happened To Former RHOP Star

Katie Rost ‌made a shock return to season seven of “Real Housewives of Potomac” at Karen Huger’s spring fling party at the start of the season. She made his come after going offline from the media and spotlight.

The former “Real Housewives of Potomac” star, 42, has apologized to Andy Cohen and begged him to get back on the show after she had a tough journey from rehab to working a minimum-wage job.

After leaving the show, she lashed out at Andy Cohen and the producers of the show, for not inviting her to the reunion party of the fourth season, where she appeared as a “friend of the wives.”

In a tweet, she said that “I’ve asked Andy Cohen to bring me back, apologized, gon to shul and said sorry. All that stuff. Radio silence. I have a lot going on that a lot of people can relate to and a lot HAS changed. I’m reliable. If they are still casting. Hire me. I’m here. And I’m real #RHOP for real.”

This was to the reference of the old incident where the Maryland native lashed out ‌at Andy Cohen for not getting invited for the reunion of season four.

Why Katie Rost Doesn’t Show Up In Later Season Of RHOP?

Katie Rost was first introduced in the debut season of “Real Housewives of Potomac” in 2016. After the first season her showtime was reduced in the second as a guest and she was not featured in the third and further distance as the relationship between Katie and the Producers soured.

Did Katie Rost Return Back To RHOP

It is believed that after her return to season 4 as a “friend of the housewives” but later she was not invited to the fourth season’s reunion. Many thought she was not invited to the reunion because of the comments she made during the show to Michael Darby, Ashley Darby’s husband, who has been involved in sexual assault for groping a cameraman throughout the season. Katie believed that he was not needed during the show. Charges against Michael Darby were dropped.

Bravo, the network company has said that Housewives are always invited to the reunion but the show does not confirm any guarantee that “friends of housewives” are invited, considering she was not a main guest during the fourth season. 

Katie Rost went through major struggles since leaving ‌the show after the first season. She was held up in a custody battle with her husband, James Orisni, with whom he shares twin daughters Renee and Kathyrn.

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In 2019, she got engaged to her boyfriend and took a step away from reality shows, and TV and entirely from celebrity life. During her period out of the limelight, she opened up her online Jewelry Shop, “The Katie Shop,” and also worked at Sunny Hill Farm for a minimum wage job.

She also opened up about her pregnancy struggles after experiencing a devastating miscarriage. She revealed that she had experienced three miscarriages after leaving the show. 

After appearing in the recent season, it seems that the former star is eager to make a proper comeback as one of the main stars of the show.

As she has shown promising improvement during the past few years, might convince the producers of the show to cast her back in. Only time can tell if she maintains the current pleasing and kind personality to get back into the main cast of the show.

Working to earn daily wages must have taught her how much she misses life in ‌the spotlight. If she makes a comeback to the show. Then brace yourself, she is completely a different person than she was in 2016.

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