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Adriana de Moura Slams Alexia Nepola for “Shaming” Trans Woman on “RHOM”



Adriana de Moura Slams Alexia Nepola for "Shaming" Trans Woman on "RHOM"

A former cast member of “The Real Housewives of Miami,” Adriana de Moura, is speaking out against her former co-star, Alexia Nepola, for making transphobic statements during Season 4 of the show. Adriana de Moura is speaking out against Alexia Nepola. Concern was raised throughout the LGBTQIA+ community after a scene in which Alexiaa incorrectly identified the gender of a trans lady who was attending a Pride celebration. Alexia is being called out by De Moura, who is a dedicated supporter for trans rights. Alexia is being called out for her insulting behaviour as well as her lack of accountability.

On This Week’s Episode of “Rhom,” Alexia Nepola Disparages a Transgender Woman

Adriana de Moura Slams Alexia Nepola

Alexia Nepola made some offensive remarks against a transgender woman who was performing at a Pride event during the fourth season of “The Real Housewives of Miami.” Alexia misgendered the performer in front of Todd Nepola, who was her boyfriend at the time, despite the fact that she is an outspoken supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community. Adriana de Moura, who was there throughout the event, recalled feeling unsettled by the sight and the fact that Alexia and Todd did not appear to realise what was going on.

Alexia Nepola Has Not Offered An Apology Nor Taken Responsibility for Her Actions.

Adriana de Moura Slams Alexia Nepola

Alexia Nepola has not yet issued a public apology for the transphobic words that she made, despite the fact that the transgender community and her fellow cast members have demanded that she take responsibility for her actions. In point of fact, when Adriana de Moura and Alexia discussed the incident on the fifth season of “RHOM,” Alexia was dismissive of it, which caused greater upset to the transgender community. Adriana de Moura, who has been an outspoken ally to the transgender community, is demanding that Alexia accept responsibility for the words she has spoken as well as the hurt that they have caused.

The fifth season of “Real Housewives of Miami” included several confrontations that served as fuel for the ongoing dispute between Alexia Nepola and Adriana de Moura. Their argument started out with Adriana’s supposed affair with a married guy, but it has now grown to include harsh statements made by both parties. At first, their conflict concentrated on Adriana’s suspected affair with the married man. On the other hand, Adriana is of the opinion that Alexia’s refusal to apologise for the transphobic comments she made is a clear indication of the character and values she possesses.

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