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Is Billy Idol Gay Or Bisexual? A Deep Dive Into His Sexuality



Is Billy Idol Gay Or Bisexual A Deep Dive Into His Sexuality

Billy Idol is a sensational and phenomenal British singer, songwriter, and musician who has a bunch of fans for his vibrant voice that has swooned into the lives of every nook and corner of the earth.

When one person enters into the spotlight and became quite accomplished in their life, fans would be genuinely curious to explore their personal life, especially their love life, and assumptions and speculations would be the most inevitable thing that would invade their private space.

So Billy Idol’s ardent fans are pretty much curious to know about his love life and especially to ascertain his sexuality. Let us dwell on and learn more about Billy Idol. 

Is Billy Idol Gay Or Bisexual?

Billy Idol’s sexuality is quite the conundrum in recent times as he is not trying to break his silence over the furor happening on the internet. The fundamental reason for Billy Idol’s sexuality being questioned was because of his obsession with his own body. 

Is Billy Idol Gay Or Bisexual A Deep Dive Into His Sexuality

It seems that Billy Idol is a straight man as he has fathered two kids in his life. So being the biological father of two kids, we cannot deem that he is likely to be gay. 

So we cannot ascertain that Billy Idol is gay or bisexual and at the same time accentuating his heterosexuality is also a risky task.

Usually as per the societal notion girls would be obsessed with their bodies and skin, and when a man does not abide by the societal concept of being masculine and acts as girls do, society cannot take it as simple as that. The connoisseur of fashion ideas and music, Billy Idol often made headlines. 

But his appearance in conspicuous necklaces and bracelets while singing was not accepted by a few of his fans it seemed pretty weird and odd. His decked-up look makes him entirely different from his contemporaries, and maybe his looks would only be a facade to cement his nuanced identity. 

But amidst these rampant over the internet, Billy Idol’s silence is what makes his fans befuddling. He never admitted being gay or straight, and in order to confirm the fact it is inevitable to dig more into his life, which is indeed a daunting task. 

Does Billy Idol Have Children?

As per sources, Billy Idol is the biological father of two beautiful kids and he has tasted the joy of fatherhood in his life. So as per his vibrant kids, they assert that their father is undeniably straight and of course not gay. 

He has had his share of past relationships with several celebrities and often made headlines with them. Billy Idol welcomed his first child with Perri Lister. She is an astounding dancer and singer. After one year, they both parted ways after welcoming their child. 

Billy Idol welcomed his beautiful daughter and named her Bonnie Blue. He shared his daughter with Linda Mathis, and more about this young lady is unknown. So as we have stated in these details, thinking of him as gay is quite disrespectful. 

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Billy Idol’s Early Life And Education

William Michael Albert Broad was born on November 30, 1955, in Stanmore, Middlesex, England. Billy Idol has a sister named Jane and their family was quite a happy one. It was back in 1971, Billy Idol and his family were located in Bromley. 

Billy Idol attended Ravensbourne School for Boys, and later attended Worthing High School for Boys and completed his high school studies. He later pursued an English degree from the University of Sussex. 

Billy Idol really had a rough patch in his life, and he was deeply addicted to alcohol and drug addiction, including heroin and cocaine. He even penned his dry experiences in his memoir stating that he often passes out due to high doses and wakes up in hospitals. 

As he was a great father, he decided to quit his drug issue because of his kids and later switched his complete focus to singing. 

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