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Is John Legend Gay? Here’s The Truth About His Sexuality?



Is John Legend Gay What Did He Say About His Sexuality

Highly intriguing and handsome singer and actor John Legend has been a persistent topic of discussion when it comes to his sexual orientation. Plenty of people who stan him were under the impression that he would not be straight and there is a possible chance that he might be gay. So let us have a walkthrough of John Legend’s life and explore more about the singer. 

Is John Legend Gay?

John Legend is definitely not gay as his life is adequate evidence for it. The highly talented singer and actor were married to Chrissy Teigen, and after dating for a long time, the duo got married. 

So rumor or assumptions about John Legend being gay is out of the question and he is undoubtedly a straight man. But we cannot assume that every celebrity who once married was straight throughout their life, as it turned out that some people came out as gay even after they were married. 

Is John Legend Gay?

However, in the case of John Legend, he is absolutely straight, and the great part of his life is that he is married to the love of his life and is happily living together. Many people across the globe knew about his epic beautiful love life, and before meeting Chrissy, he had his share of past relationships that did not work out. 

So during his interviews, John Legend openly talked about how his past relationships affected him and he was dishonest and selfish. But when Chrissy came into his life, his life together a turn, and was truly involved with her. It was back in 2006 the couple had their first encounter and after that, they saw each other after long five years of being in a relationship, and they got engaged. The iconic couple shares two children, a daughter named Luna and a son named Miles. 

So this pretty much accentuates that John Legend is indeed a straight man, being gay is entirely a groundless statement. But even though it is understood that John Legend is not gay, many online magazines even randomly spread the news about questioning his sexual orientation. 

John Legend never said about being gay or bisexual, and he did not do any sort of activities that would misinterpret that he would be bisexual or gay. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being gay or bisexual, but assuming a straight man to be gay is not that would be accepted with such a benign gesture. 

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John Legend’s Early Life

John Roger Stephens who is popularly known by his professional name John Legend was born on December 28, 1978, on the outskirts of Ohio. John Legend is the eldest son of his family born to Phyllis Elaine and to Ronald Lamar Stephens. 

His father was the drummer and whereas his mother directed and even sang in the church choir and even his grandmother was also part of the church organist. Having a true background in singing, John Roger inherited his family members’ complete talents and flourished in them. 

John Legend

John Legend never attended school his mother was his teacher for him and he was homeschooled. It is quite interesting that John Legend commenced playing piano when he was only four. But when he reached twelve, he finally got the chance to attend North High School in Springfield, Ohio. 

During his college studies, John Legend was the appealing and talented music director of jazz and pop groups. His song John Osborne’s One of Us garnered the needed fame and acknowledgment. 

John Legend has been the recipient of umpteen awards and over the course of his time, he had managed to make his career loft. He won two Best New Artists at the Black Entertainment Television Awards. He was nominated for the Best R&B Act Male Vocal performance for Stay With You and he won two awards for the same category. So overall out of eighty-eight nominations, John Legend has won thirty-three awards altogether. 

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