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Missy Elliot Weight Loss: How She Turned 89 To 59 KG?



Missy Elliot Weight Loss

The utterly amazing and talented American rapper and songwriter Missy Elliot Weight Loss has made her fans quite shocked.

As she appeared in her new look her fans exclaimed about her dramatic change and how she is making her age in reverse gear. Let us have a deep look into Missy Elliott’s drastic change. 

Jaw-Dropping Transformation of Missy Elliott

Missy Elliott was diagnosed with an illness that really reflected her career’s low graph when she gained tremendous weight. In order to lose weight Missy Elliott had to endure lots of struggles and finally with her sheer determination and devotion, she achieved her goal. 

Jaw-Dropping Transformation of Missy Elliott

The main reason for this huge transformation is the diagnosis of the illness named Graves’ Disease. This illness really affects one’s immune system and thus made the rapper lose almost thirty kilograms. 

How Did Missy Elliott Lose Weight?

After her diagnosis of Graves’ disease, Missy Elliot had to run around the clock to sustain her health. At the time of her diagnosis, the resounding rapper weighed around 89 kilograms and in order to make her life less threatening she had to lose her weight without any choice left. 

Transformation of Missy Elliott

This disease would make her immune system disorder and heavily cause the overproduction of thyroid hormones resulting in severe weight loss, giddiness, lump throats, fatigue, muscle weakness, and irregular heartbeat.

So in order to put up with her mood swings amidst these issues Missy Elliott had to struggle a lot so that she could save her health from deteriorating. 

Thus Missy Elliott, who is in her fifties managed to lose weight by around thirty kilograms and now she weighs only 59 kilograms with a height of 157 centimeters.

It was later that the rapper unveiled her new look which made her fans stunned and thereby she appeared more vibrant and healthier. 

Missy Elliott Weight Loss Diet Plan 

As she was pretty much determined to lose weight in order to stay healthy and calm, she abstained from all calorie-rich food items. She continued to do this for around four months and completely avoided the use of bread, juice, and especially soda. 

In order to make her diet complete, her intake of water was greatly increased and she only treated herself to two cupcakes twice a month.

Other than that Missy Elliott never touched any food items that would affect the balance of her health and by keeping this diet plan on track for four months straight, she tasted the fruit of her struggles.


  • Drink more water
  • Protein-rich food
  • Fruits
  • Whole grains
  • Veggies


  • Calorie-rich food items
  • Bread
  • Soda
  • Junk food
  • Alcohol

Moreover, due to the heavy intake of water, she has gained gleaming vibrant, and youthful skin which makes her pretty much younger than her actual age. 

Through her Instagram post-Missy, Elliot recalled: “See I have never been a water drinker but this has helped my skin. It really restores glow back and I don’t feel sluggish. Now the other thing If I can only cut out is Junk Food”. 

Missy Elliott Workout Routine

Missy Elliot keenly followed the T25 workout routine that was specially designed by the highly renowned celebrity trainer named Shaun T.

The specialty of his innovative workout was that within a short span, they could have the result by not spending more time on exercise who don’t have a lot of time. 

So Missa Elliot’s workout routine mainly includes the basic types of exercises like cardio, core stability, and mainly toning. So as per her trainer, these workouts were not repetitive and she just lost weight within the blink of an eye, straight four months from 89 to 59 kilograms. 

Cardio Exercise

Cardiovascular exercise raises the heart rate. Though some do it solely for weight loss, cardio has many benefits. Cardiovascular exercises can take many forms, but they must be done regularly, for a long time, and at a high intensity.

Core Stability Exercise

Our functional movements rely on the stability provided by our core, which is located at the very center of our bodies and controls the movement of the trunk while the arms and legs are in motion. Strengthening the abdominal muscles that hold the pelvis in place, The collection of muscles that form the trunk of the body (front, sides, and back), and those that keep the shoulders in place.

Toning Exercise

Toning exercises aim to build muscle and leanness. “Toned” in this context means lean, with defined muscles but not overly muscular (“bulk”).
Targeted exercise to improve muscle tone is unsupported by anatomy and common sense. Exercise cannot improve tone. The muscle’s “shape” is unaffected by subcutaneous fat or size.

Final Verdict

Missy Arnet Elliott’s unrecognizable transformations have made quite the topic of discussion among netizens when she sparkled at the Grammy awards events.

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Secretly for four months, straight the immensely talented rapper did not make any public appearance until she was ready to make her fans stunned. 

The entire viewer was astonished to see her in the slimmer figure that enhanced her compelling looks. With her incredible looks the rapper just made the event a big success and fans were deeply pleased to see her in a new transformation. 

After her new look was exposed, Twitter and other social media platforms flocked with comments and many of them wondered how she lost weight in such a short span of time. 

Following a strict diet plan where calories rich food is out of the table and where an abundance of water takes a pivotal role, then anyone can manage their weight and sustain their health to the great extent. 

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