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Jeff Probst Wife: Who Is Lisa Ann Russell? Relationship Timeline



Jeff Probst Wife Who Is Lisa Ann Russell Relationship Timeline

Jeff Probst, who has been hosting the CBS hit reality series, “Survivor” for 40 years, has another side, as he is a complete family man who has been married for a decade to his loving and beloved wife, Lisa Ann Russel

Jeff got married twice up to this date. He first married Shelley Wright in 1996, and the couple ‌divorced in 2001. Shelley was a psychotherapist. 

While talking about ‌talent, he has an energetic way of engaging in conversations that fuel the listeners. Due to his excellent elocution, CBS produced a daytime talk show under the name “The Jeff Probst Show,” in which Jeff Probst was made the host of the show.

Jeff became a household name in America for his enthusiastic hosting of the “Survivor” show. Since the beginning of the show, Jeff has been irreplaceable. He has been hosting it, now, for more than two decades. He has never failed on a single episode since its inception in 2000.

Similar to how much he has been in love with the show, he also has been in love with his wife since 2011.

Who Is Lisa Ann Russel? How Did She Meet Jeff Probst

Jeff Probst Wife Lisa Ann Russel is an American model and actress born on March 21st, 1972, in Sterling, Illinois. She later moved to Chicago, Michigan, and California to pursue her modeling career. She raced off her career by modeling ‌for “Revion”, where she ‌landed her first role in “Saved by the bell: The College Years” (1993). After getting exposure, she bagged big and small roles in several other movies, such as “Kounterfeit” (1996) and “Twisted Love” (1995)

Jeff Probst Wife: Who Is Lisa Ann Russell?

As we all know that Lisa has been married to Probst for a decade now. Prior to marrying him, Lisa had a divorce from Mark-Paul Goselaar. She met Goselaar on the sets of “Saved by the bell” while she was working on her debut appearance. Lisa later married Goselaar in 1996 and they welcomed two kids Michael and Ava. Their spark of love diminished after 15 years. The former co-stars got divorced in 2011.

After finalizing the divorce, Lisa met Jeff Probst at Mark Burnett’s annual Christmas party. The duo quickly hit it off and began seeing. They eventually got married in 2011.

Since then, the couple has not been very public about their relationship. They have always preferred to grow together away from the camera flashes. In an interview, Probst mentioned Lisa as the right woman for him; he was also impressed with the fact that Lisa’s previous relationship lasted for more than a decade. However, the couple does not share any kids on their own. Lisa is now peacefully living with her kids along with the kid’s stepfather.

Is Jeff Probst Wife Wanted Him To Retire From The Host Of “Survivor”?

A few years earlier, an unknown source claimed that Lisa had asked Jeff to retire from the host of “Survivor” as she wanted him in the home because their kids were in their teenage years and Lisa wanted him to be with her more than ever.

This rumor has been responded to by Jeff himself. He claimed that he spends more quality time in his home than shooting for the show. He explained that they shoot for the show in “very concentrated periods”. “Each season shoots for 39 days. If you’re there a week earlier, it’s like 7-8 weeks for each shoot,” he told. This means that he is only away from his family for only four months and the rest of the year he spends with his family. With this fact it is evident to believe that one of the reasons they have been together all these years is because of ‌the amount of time they spent together.

Jeff Probst Wife: Who Is Lisa Ann Russell? Relationship Timeline

Season 44 ‌aired on the first of March; Both Lisa and her kids will be enjoying Probst’s other season of hosting.

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