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Survivor 44 Cast: Here Are 18 Contestants Who Will Compete For $1 Million In Fiji



Survivor 44 Cast Here Are 18 Contestants Who Will Compete For $1 Million In Fiji

The American competitive reality television series Survivor is currently premiering its 44th season titled Survivor 44, But what about the Survivor 44 cast? The season was filmed on Mamanuca Islands in Fiji with 18 new players who are divided into three tribes: Ratu, Soka, and Tika. 

The latest season, given the green light in March 2022 by CBS, started premiering on March 1, 2023. The two-hour-long premiere will show the shortened 26 days of gameplay. On January 31, 2023, the cast for the upcoming season was announced and just like the previous seasons, the production team guarantees that the program adheres to strict Covid 19 safety guidelines and was followed by the cast and crew. 

Survivor 44 Cast: Meet The Dashing Tribes

Survivor 44 will be hosted by Jeff Probst and was filmed from June 5 through June 30, 2022. For the 12th consecutive time, Mamanuca Islands, Fiji has become the location for Survivors. The contestants of the season belong to diverse backgrounds and will compete for the title of sole survivor and the $1 million prize money.  

Survivor 44 Cast-18 Contestants

From the article, you’ll get a clear view of the contestants that you’ll get to meet in the coming days. As mentioned above, this season, the contestants are separated into different tribe groups and let’s meet the tribes and their members.

Survivor 44: Tika Tribe – Purple

1. Bruce Perreault

A 46-year-old man from Warwick, Rhode Island. He is a realtor and insurance agent who believes that he can survive in the game with his key quality of adapting to any environment easily. 

2. Carson Garrett

Young Garret is from Atlanta, Georgia, and is currently studying engineering at NASA. The 20-year-old boy seems like a nerdy contestant who can be the strategic player of the season. Let’s see. 

3. Yamil “Yam Yam” Arocho

Arocho from San Juan, Puerto Rico is 36 years old and owns a beauty salon. He is very good at his social skills and believes that this quality of his helps him win the game. 

Survivor 44-Tika Tribe-Purple

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4. Carolyn Wiger

The young woman in her mid-30s is from Hugo, Minnesota, and works as a drug counselor. She was a drug addict herself and became a counselor after the experiences and difficulties that she faced in her life. She overcomes her addiction and believes that if she could succeed in drug addiction and the harsh realities it had in her life, then the rest is just simple for her.

5. Sarah Wade

Wade is a resident of Chicago, Illinois, who works as a management consultant. The 27-year-old woman believes that she could take all the money home after succeeding over all other contestants with her social skills including relationship building and interacting with others. 

6. Helen Li

A 29-year-old product manager from San Francisco, California. She hopes that her skills in negotiation and persuasion help her be the sole survivor by the end of the season. 

Survivor 44: Ratu Tribe – Orange

1. Brandon Cottom

A 30-year-old former NFL fullback for the Seattle Seahawks who played during the 2015-18 season. He is currently an account manager in a security firm who believes in his physical strength and considers himself a solid player of the season.

2. Matthew Grinstead-Mayle

Mayle from Columbus, Ohio is a 42-year-old barber who believes in his social skills and years of experience around people as a key quality to winning the title. 

3. Lauren Harpe

A 31-year-old elementary school teacher from Mont Belvieu. Harpe is a single mother who believes that the physical, mental, and emotional challenges faced in her life would help her stay strong in the game. 

Survivor 44-Ratu Tribe-Orange

4. Jaime Lynn Ruiz

A 35-year-old TikTok influencer from Mesa, Arizona who also took up the role of marketing consultant, and yogi. As per her belief, she could win the title with her mental game and perseverance as she excels in meditation and Yoga which maintains her inner peace. 

5. Maddy Pomilla

A charity projects manager from Brooklyn, New York who is in her late 20s. She believes that she could adapt easily to any situation and as a result could withstand any hardships that she comes across in the game. 

6. Kane Fritzler

Fritzler is a law student from Saskatoon, Canada. The 25-year boy believes in his expertise in law and also hopes that his skills help in creating great bonding with others in the game. 

Survivor 44: Soka Tribe – Green

1. Heidi Legares-Greenblatt

43-year-old engineering manager residing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who moved from Puerto Rico years back. Just like her ability to adapt to her new home, she believes she could withstand the challenges in the game.

2. Frannie Marin

The 23-year-old girl from Cambridge, Massachusetts functions as a research coordinator. According to her, she believes that she can survive the chaos in the social game with her work experience. 

3. Claire Rafson

A young girl in her mid-20s from Brooklyn, New York, who works as a tech investor and believes that she has the most invaluable skills that are required to withstand any hardships in the game. 

Survivor 44-Soka Tribe-Green

4. Josh Wilder

A 34-year-old podiatric surgeon from Atlanta, Georgia. The contestant who had taken Peloton training states that he has the perfect balance of brains and brawn which is necessary for a player of such a game. He believes in his physical strength and together with his intelligence, he is a tough competitor for others.

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5. Matt Blankinship

A cybersecurity engineer from San Francisco, California in his late 20s. He is a strategic player and is so sure of his abilities.

6. Danny Massa

The 32-year-old firefighter resides in the Bronx, New York, and believes that his physical fitness and expertise in his job could help him achieve the title. He even trusts his team and is confident in his quick-thinking powers.       

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