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Is Finn Wolfhard Gay? Sexuality Exposed!



Is Finn Wolfhard Gay Sexuality Exposed!

Finn Wolfhard came to fame after he appeared in the Netflix-released “Stranger Things” in the role of Mike Wheeler as one of the main cast in the entire series. His notable career also includes the movie “IT”, in which he appeared as Richie Tozler. He was featured in several other movies such as “Ghostbusters”, “The Goldfinch” and many others.

Wolfhard’s dating life has been so private that even his fans have been questioning his sexuality. Speculations have been arising regarding his interest in men after his co-star Noah Schnapp came out as gay in a tik tok clip. Since Finn is significantly closer to Noah Schnapp netizens speculate that he might be gay too.

Is Finn Wolfhard Gay?

His homosexual rumors were further fueled ‌when the trailer for the movie “Goldfinch” ‌ was released. In the trailer, Finn can be seen kissing another boy. 

Is Finn Wolfhard Gay

A handful ‌of fans were disgraced due to his actions in the trailer. Meanwhile, he was defended by many others instructing the disgraced fans to understand the fact that Finn is an actor and he acts in the movie. Furthermore, they added that whatever he does in the movies is not what depicts his real life. It is glad to recall that some sensible fans have a professional mindset.

A similar role ‌happened in the movie “IT” when he was assigned to be cast alongside Jack Dylan Grazer. Some of the fans emerged, claiming ‌they were kind of a thing.

It went so popular that the pair became known as “Fack”, as Fin and Jack. Jack himself responded to the controversies over the rumored relationship between Fin and Jack. He requested to stop speculating on false opinions and claimed that he doesn’t have a gay relationship with Finn.

With Jack’s assurance, it is evident to believe that they indeed do not have a gay relationship.

However, Finn has not commented on any of the above matters. Thus, it is unclear to determine whether he is gay or not. He can have an identity crisis while growing up in a multi-diverse community. We could not determine his sexuality unless he reveals it.

But we could dive into the previous history of Finn Wolfhard to find out where his interests lie up upto this date.

As of now, Finn is rumored to be in a private relationship with Elsie Ritcher. They began dating in early 2021. However, neither of the lovers has confirmed the relationship.

Finn Wolfhard And Elsie Ritcher

For those who don’t know, Elsie Ritcher appeared in the British comedy television series “Doll & Em”

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Once the couple made headlines in 2022 when a now-deleted, blurry picture of the couple surfaced on social media. Apart from that, no factual details of the relationship are known to the public. It appears that the couple finds a thrill in keeping their relationship as private as they can.

Although, fans have to ultimately respect their decision to keep their relationship private because it concerns factors such as human rights. He is indeed growing his fame because of the love pondered by his fans, but at the same time, it does not mean that fans own him.

So as of now, it is evident to conclude that Finn Wolfhard has not shown any interest in any gay relationships other than usual friendships with co-stars and mates. His rumored relationship suggests that the couple is still going strong with their relationship, privately as they ‌rent to keep it like that. Sooner or later, he may or may not appear publicly to announce his relationship.

All we can do is hold our horses and wait for them to announce whenever they feel like it.

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