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Jared Fogle: Net Worth, Biography, Family, Legal Issues, And More



Jared Fogle Net Worth, Biography, Family, Legal Issues, And More

Jared Fogle was one of the vociferous spokespeople who carved out a massive space in the country because of his inimitable talents. The compelling former spokesperson for Subway restaurants has been in the spotlight for quite a long.

People across the globe are quite curious to know about Jared Fogle and to explore more details about him. Let us have a brief walkthrough of Jared Fogle’s net worth and early life and more about his legal history. 

Jared Fogle’s Net Worth

 $4 million

The compelling motivational speaker and former spokesperson who is best and popularly known as Subway spokesperson. He has managed to amass a wealth estimated at $4 million and much of his wealth is acquired from the vast career that he had as a spokesperson and a motivational speaker. 

Jared Fogle's Net Worth

A few years before his life turned upside down, he has a very good fortune estimated between $10- $15 million. But when he had to meet the alimony for the divorce he was entitled to give an amount of $7 million to his ex-wife. Much of his wealth was lost as his life unfolded new chapters that he never anticipated. 

Jared Fogle Biography

Jared Scott Fogle, the resounding American former spokesperson was born on August 23, 1977, in Indianapolis, Indiana, US. Jared Fogle was born to Norman and Adrienne Fogle and he is now at his forty-five. He was married to Katie McLaughlin but the couple got divorced back in 2015. Jared Fogle is the father of two children. 

Early Life 

        Jared Fogle was born to Norman and Adrienne Fogle on August 23, 1977, the former subway restaurant graduated from North Central High School in Indianapolis.

Back in 2000, Jared Fogle enrolled himself at Indiana University Bloomington. Later for a brief period of time, Jared Fogle served in the revenue management department at American Trans Air. 

While studying at Indiana University Jared Fogle lost 111 kilograms and his diet plans helped him to lose weight, he was hired to help advertise the Subway restaurant in the following year.

Jared Fogle And Wife

When his popularity increased within the snap of fingers Jared Fogle was featured in over 300 commercials and he served in Subway for long fifteen years. 

It was back in 2007 that his career started to stagger from its peak stage. His inappropriate relations with the minors were left buried for a long until the FBI discovered his indiscretions. 

Career Beginnings

It was back in 1999 that Jared Fogle had his first media attention through an article that he published in the Indiana Daily Student.

It was an article that entailed the weight loss of Jared Fogle written by one of his dormmates. The peculiarity of his diet plan was in a way of exercising and eating Subway sandwiches. 

Because of his rare diet, Jared Fogle was even featured in the Men’s Health magazine article named “Stupid Diets that work”. His appearances in Subway gave him other chances such as in WWE back in 2009 and furthermore, he starred in the movie series named Sharknado, Sharknado 2: The Second One. 

It was in 2004 that Jared Fogle established his own venture, Jared Foundation, a nonprofit organization focused mainly on childhood obesity. Through parents, schools, and community organizations his foundation provided awareness. 

Legal Issues Of Jared Fogle

Back in 2007, Jared Fogle came to attention when he was investigated for possessing child pornography. Back in 2015, the director of Russell Taylor was arrested on charges of child exploitation, and importantly possession of child pornography. 

So when the investigation turned into Russell Taylor’s transgressions, the investigating officers were startled to see the photos and videos of children of young age with Jared Fogle.

So Russell was sentenced to twenty-seven years in prison and it was the photos and videos that were discovered on his computers that lead straight to Jared. 

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So the steep career that he has established was destroyed within the blink of an eye and the FBI raided Jared Fogle’s residence in Zionsville and confiscated some of his collections of child pornography. They even removed computers and other electronic gadgets were removed from his residence. 

Legal Issues Of Jared Fogle

So when the news was circulating all over the media, Subway rapidly announced that they have decided to revoke their business relationship with Jared Fogle and thereby does not have any sort of future endeavors together as business partners. 

So when the case was ruled in court, the prosecutors said that Jared Fogle will plead guilty to two charges that were charged against him, one of distribution and the other is having unapologetic illicit sexual conduct with a minor. 

Moreover, the parents of one of the victims even filed a lawsuit against Fogle for personal injury and deep emotional distress that caused their children. 

So after many courtroom drama allegations and issues, on November 19, 2015, Jared Fogle finally pleaded guilty and was sentenced to fifteen years and eight months in prison. 

He apologized and even stated that he want to redeem his life and aspires to be a good benign human being. One of the psychiatrists even claimed that he was suffering from an eating disorder and he managed to replace food with hypersexuality. But all these claims do not stand a chance and the judge ruled the verdict that he truly deserves. 

Personal Life

           It was in 2009 that Jared Fogle was engaged to Kathleen McLaughlin, who was a teacher. The couple got married in 2010 and two children were born, a son and a daughter.

So when his life turned upside down, Kathleen McLaughlin staunchly asserted that she is seeking a divorce. 

So when the lawsuits were top of their lives, Kathleen asserted that her primary concern is on the well-being of her kids and does not have any sort of comments about his misdemeanor.

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So when the divorce was finalized Jared Fogle was entitled to pay Kathleen an amount of $7 million. So after that, Kathleen fled to another place that would be out of media presence as she had to protect the lives of her kids. 

In March 2023, a documentary film would be premiering about the crimes that he committed called Jared from Subway: Catching A Monster. 

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