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Who Is Django Ward? All About Fred Ward’s Son: Net Worth, Personal Life, And More



Who Is Django Ward All About Fred Ward’s Son Net Worth, Personal Life, And More

We all are pretty much aware of Fred Ward who was an utterly amazing actor whose heyday was between 1973 to 2015 after he decided to retire.

Fred Ward is much popular and heavily acknowledged for the inimitable tough roles that he has pulled off so far.

People across the globe are avidly curious to know about his family which was a profound blessing for him, especially his son who made his own space in the world in a different way. Let us have a brief look at the only heir of Fred Ward, Django Ward. 

Who Is Django Ward?

Django Ward is the only sole heir of the renowned and much-celebrated actor Fred Ward. when we dig more to explore Django Ward, only crumbs of information are available.

It is a strenuous task to know his exact date of birth, and as per sources, the actor is said to be born between 1966 and 1970. So he might be in his early fifties as of 2023.

His early life and his educational qualification are not given, but undoubtedly he is literate and completed his university education. 

The Net Worth Of Django Ward

Django Fred does not follow the vestiges that his father left. Before his passion for acting ignited Fred Ward, he served in the US Air Force, and it was during his retirement days that he managed to study acting.

Django Ward chose a different path in music and he is not in the spotlight like his father was. 

Django Ward’s Parents

Django Ward’s father was married three times in his life and Django was born in his second marriage to Silvia Ward.

The renowned actor died on May 8, 2022, and it was absolutely a piece of shocking news to the world. The resounding American actor tried his luck in marriage three times, but he failed terribly. 

Django was born when his father divorced his first wife Carla Evone Stewart and married Silvia Ward. His first marriage only lasted a few months and ended in the same year.

His second marriage bear offspring and however ended up in divorce. Before death embraced him he was married to Marie France Boisselle, but that marriage also witnessed its end in 2013. 

The Career Details Of Django Ward

It would be like a walk in the park if Django Ward chose to become an actor just like his father did. But surprisingly the various dimensions of an acting career does not intrigue him and he followed his passion in music.

Django Ward was deeply moved by the hues of music and his life was completely devoted to it. Django Ward expanded his wings in composing music and songs, and their band even toured the entire France and Europe. 

Django Ward is very prolific in the riveting Jazz style called Jazz Manouche and his band named Viper Swing is absolutely famous for their unique way of approach to music.

Alongside Django Ward, the other members include Damien Briard, Jean Clermont, and Arnaud Estor. His deep bond with the band members really reflected their work and with the snap of fingers, their effort was appreciated. 

The Net Worth Of Django Ward

As Django serves a pivotal role in his band, he is a versatile musician by all means. By playing instruments and composing music he has been the focal point of their band, and through their intriguing live performances, their band rose to prominence rapidly with such grace. As his stardom rose, so does his fortune. The net worth is estimated at around $750,000. 

Even if he does not follow in the footprints of his father, Django Ward got media attention because of his father. He was the sole heir of this astounding actor and because of this single reason, Django Ward had a place in the industry. 

Physical Features Of Django Ward

            Django Ward somehow resembles his father Fred Ward in certain ways. Django Ward has profusely wonderful physical features, and the musician stands tall at a height of 183 centimeters which is five feet and eleven inches. He weighs around 80 kilograms and his gleaming black hair and clean shave really resemble his father. 

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Is Django Ward Married?

           The answer to the question is a bit intricate as his personal life is absolutely low-key. From his childhood itself, Django Ward tried his best to keep his life out of the spotlight and maintained a low-key life.

Even though much of the details of his personal life are unknown, Django Ward is believed to be a married man.

But even if we dig deeper and deeper into the details of his marital life, nothing is available. Whether he is a father or not or the names of his kids are also under wraps.

Django Ward is not that much into social media so more pieces of information about him are out of the question. 

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