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Is J Alphonse Nicholson Gay? All You Need To Know



Is J Alphonse Nicholson Gay All You Need To Know

J Alphonse Nicholson is indeed known by his reel name Lil Murda, and his acting in the Starz series P-Valley shows how peculiar his acting techniques are. His corroding character as Lil Murda seemed somewhat of a missing connection with the audience. Later as the story unfolds in the second season, different hues of his character was depicted and audiences started to get engaged in the growth of this super complex character. 

So as his character had tremendous growth, so were the speculations about the actor’s sexual orientation. People across the globe started to disseminate rumors that the actor is likely to be gay in real life too. So let us have an exhaustive walkthrough of J Alphonse Nicholson’s life and learn more about him. 

Is J Alphonse Nicholson Gay?

The answer to this groundless question is a powerful No. Lil Murda aka J Alphonse Nicholson is pretty likely to be straight and moreover, he has been married to his long-time partner Nafeesha Nicholson

Is J Alphonse Nicholson Gay?

The predominant reason for much of the speculation about the actor’s sexual orientation is because of the description that he gave to the media outlets about his role in P-Valley. The actor exclaimed that his character Lil Murda is not at all bewildered about his attraction to men, but is still bounded by the conventional societal norms that hover around. 

He added: “The stigma that the community places on people like Lil Murda who may seem a certain type of way but have a love and affection toward the same sex, you know, get all this hatred spewed toward them. I think he is more afraid of that rather than afraid of just being completely who he is”.

It was the sex scene in the series that lit the match for its viewers at the time as the show never hinted that Lil Murda was attracted to men. So when Lil Murda had an intimate scene with Big Teak, its viewers were astonished and overwhelmed, and many of them were moved to see such a change, the show’s demonstration of queer relationships that are normal. 

Who Is J Alphonse Nicholson Married Too?

As we all know J Alphonse Nicholson who pulled off an abrasive role in the series P-Valley has been married to his beautiful partner Nafeesha Nicholson. More about his lady love is not available and does not often appears on Alphonse’s Instagram account furthermore, her social media account especially Instagram is private. 

Alphonse Nicholson and Nafeesha Nicholson

The duo shares a son together, but the name of their baby has been kept under wraps. The couple hasn’t shared a single picture of their son on any of their social media. 

The poignant actor and a talented percussionist were born on July 6, 1985, on the outskirts of North Carolina, United States. As of 2022, the actor would turn to his thirty-five years old. 

J Alphonse Nicholson Ethnicity And Religion

The amazing actor and utterly talented percussionist born in North Carolina hold citizenship of America, and his roots and ethnicity are of Mixed African descent. The actor holds the light to his faith in Christianity. 

J Alphonse Nicholson attended James B. Dudley High School, and after completing his schooling, the actor enrolled himself at North Carolina Central University and graduated. Many details about the actor’s parents and family are unknown and he has tried to keep those details under wraps. 

Alphonse has been duly noted for his astounding physical features and the actor stands tall at 173 centimeters and weighs around 80 kilograms. His sparkling black eyes and hair have even made each of his roles outrageously fierce. 

Career Glimpses Of J Alphonse Nicholson

When we glance at J Alphonse Nicholson’s career, from a very early age itself, Alphonse Nicholson was intrigued by the acting career. He kickstarted his career as a drummer and had to face loads of impediments to make his career flourish. His collaboration with many renowned music bands garnered much recognition and fame. 

Is J Alphonse Nicholson Gay? All You Need To Know

After completing his studies, Alphonse Nicholson decided to go for auditions and finally he got the opportunity to act in the movie titled “Don’t Know Yet back in 2013. Before the role Lil Murda came into his life, his career has been staggering in different roles. But after his role as Lil Murda came to the floor, the actor’s career skyrocketed and within the blink of an eye, his career was at steep. 

He was lucky enough to act alongside some award-winning actors like Michael B. Jordan, Octavia Spencer, and Mike Colter. He is very active on all of his social media and has amassed 143k followers on Instagram with a verified account. He is also into youtube and has managed to have 806 subscribers.

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