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Erica Herman Tiger Woods Split: Erica Herman Breaks Up With Tiger Woods As She Sues Him Over NDA



Erica Herman Tiger Woods Spilt Erica Herman Breaks Up With Tiger Woods As She Sues Him Over NDA

The former couple has gone estranged from the long court battles, which began ‌last October. Erica Herman and Tiger Woods met after she was appointed as the general manager of The Woods Jupiter, one of the finest restaurants in the world, in 2015. Erica Herman has always maintained a low profile, as she does not have an official social media account. 

Erica Herman Tiger Woods Split – Court Battle Over NDA?

The former couple reportedly began dating in 2017. After five long years, the couple has decided to separate. According to sources, Erica Herman has filed a lawsuit ‌accusing the Trust, Jupiter Island Irrevocable Homestead Trust, ‌instead of Tiger Woods himself.

Erica Herman-Tiger Woods Spilt

According to sources, Erica Herman claimed that in the wake of the break she was tricked out of the house by a convincing man for a short trip.

She also accused that her belongings and money worth $40,000 were misappropriated. It is believed that the trust is managing the Mansion of the Woods – where Erica used to reside when she was dating ‌him.

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According to her, she was told that she was kicked out of the house at the airport by agents of the Trust. In response, Erica Herman assured by filing a lawsuit that the defendants of the Trust have violated a verbal agreement by locking her out of her house and negligently managing her belongings and suitcases.

However, the lawyers of Tiger Woods have stated that it was she who decided to pack up her belongings and left the place due to the wake of their breakup. 

However, the attorneys of Tiger Woods are hoping for arbitration for any issue that has to be resolved. It appears that the attorneys would deny that they had any verbal agreement as well as that they owed anything up to her. It is presumed that Tiger Woods would definitely opt for arbitration as he does not want his private life to be aired as a national sensation.

Lawyers for the trust argued for the verbal agreement, which allowed her to reside in the place for 11 years, stating that she had to leave the mansion after they ended their relationship. Although, Erica seems to be valuing words as she could be frustrated with acts of attorney of trust. 

Erica Herman has filed a lawsuit accusing the above-mentioned as well as to revoke or void a non-disclosure agreement, which she signed during the initial phase of the relationship. The reason ‌Erica asked to void the agreement was so that she could go public with the case and share more actions.

She also cited that NDA agreements should be voided on the grounds of Speak Out Act, as well as she mentioned that it is voided ‌from being used in cases of sexual harassment or abuse.

Erica Herman-Tiger Woods

From the filings, it does not seem that Erica Herman wants to sue her ex-boyfriend. She indeed wants to sue the trust. But due to the non-disclosure agreement, she is not able to release some insensitive statements which could directly affect the Trust as well as Tiger Woods himself. Although it is unsure whether she has anything to accuse the golf champion of.

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It is true that Tiger Woods earlier apologized for his infidelity and sabotaged his own marriage. But it is believed that he has learned a thing or two from the previous experience and if he had behaved as a good husband and a father for the past five years, then he could literally saved his neck from her.

His recent headlines have been painted with infidelity, but this time he is back once again due to his ex-girlfriend suing for money.

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