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Is Wrestling Real or Fake? The Million-Dollar Question in the World For WWE Fans



Is Wrestling Real or Fake

When it comes to solving the most controversial question regarding wrestling then we are in an uncanny predicament. The answer is whether the WWE and other possible companies are faking the fight or is it real to a certain extent is an unsolved riddle. The only thing that we could know is to dig deeper and learn more about WWE and its massive success story. Let us have a detailed walkthrough of it and learn more about the most controversial question that has been swirling over the internet for a long time. 

Is Wrestling Real or Fake?

This particular question still remains an unsolved mystery, as people cannot draw a conclusive answer. Audiences of the show have been raving about the question for so long and they are running like headless chickens to know about the reality of wrestling.

WWE is the highly renowned and most-watched professional wrestling company that promotes how intimidatingly powerful this particular sport is. The main reason for the massive success of WWE is because of Vince McMahan, and his shrewdness and perspicacity in what he does is the sole reason for the success. 

Over the course of time, a bunch of its viewers has been stating how sceptical they are when it comes to professional wrestling matches. So when we are facing the question of whether it is fake or real it is far more complicated than we thought. It is actually not completely fake, but to put it into simple words, professional wrestling is an amalgamation of soap operas, some drama, stage combat, etc. 

Other than WWE, there are more abbreviations that would make us astounded by all means like NJPW, New Japan Pro Wrestling, AAA, Antonio Pena Promotions, ROH, Impact Wrestling and Ring of Honor are the other international companies that are run by professional wrestlers. 

Does WWE have Fake Fights? 

Is Wrestling Real or Fake

So the fights in WWE are fake or not is a bit complex answer and we cannot give an accurate explanation. When we encapsulate it, professional wrestling is choreographed to an extent that the participants would already know who will be the winner among them. But even if it is choreographed, the injuries that come with it is not pre-planned and that can even cause death. But the intensity of superkick and pedigree cannot be faked and moreover, the impact it causes the participants to land would be immeasurably painful. 

This explanation would be a bitter pill to swallow but in fact, each of the intimidating performances is rehearsed and professional athletes and what we see is their rehearsed scripted version. Even though everything is not fake, including the injuries, and the excruciating pain, the rest of them are pretty much scripted. Albeit the actions are genuine the game is scripted and it is not a secret anymore. 

Wrestling is Scripted

The WWE is merely meant for entertainment and it should be viewed as an entertainment show. It is not a competitive sport and should not watch it with that sort of feel as it is scripted. Back in 2022, the fans of wrestling were reminded about the actual nature of the sport. 

So the live performance as the television and company claim is actually rehearsed and scripted but the injuries that come along with that would be spontaneous. Because some of the manoeuvres cannot be scripted and actually causes severe pain and even death. Undoubtedly the wrestling sport is scripted and rehearsed and professionally trained athletes are the ones who participate in it. 

Some of the greatest and most prominent wrestlers of the time that the world have witnessed their best performances include Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, Roddy Piper, Dwayne Johnson, Ric Flair, and Shawn Michaels. 

Back in 2015, the professional wrestler Davey Richards exclaimed that: “we train to take damage, we know we are going to take advantage and we accept that”. Some of the renowned wrestlers die in these trained combats and also, because of the spine injury some even get paralyzed for the rest of their lives. 

The illusion about wrestling is an unbiased competition still exists in the world and they believe that the winner is the one who is utterly talented. Yes, talents do matter, but more than that, what matters is that it is just for entertainment and does not need to be real. 

History of Wrestling

Is Wrestling Real or Fake

When we dig to know the history of wrestling we should have to travel back 15,000 years to witness the cave drawings in France. In the ancient Vedas and in the old testament we could see traces of wrestling, and it is indeed a great sport that has a massive legacy far behind. 

Its legacy in literature and philosophy is way beyond what we could comprehend and many philosophers like Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, Xenophon, Seneca, Plutarch, and Marcus Aurelius have penned about the prominence of wrestling in their works. 

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