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Grace Van Dien Twitch: Stranger Things Actress Focuses On Twitch Due To Sexual Request Trauma



Grace Van Dien Twitch Stranger Things Actress Focuses On Twitch Due To Sexual Request Trauma

The journey to success in Hollywood or any film industry has never been easier. Especially for women. Almost every woman in the film industry has been subjected to sexual favors from their producers, directors, agents, and many others. 

Grace Van Dien: Victim Of Sexual Harassment?

A few decades ago, this was so common in the film industry as women used to think, that it was bound to happen, as it is the only way how things turn out, but in reality, it is not. Although even during those times there have been several female artists who called out on their offenders. 

Grace Van Dien Twitch

At the same time, there have been many who are still enduring the pain and trauma of these sexual requests as well as harassment. Up to this date, there have been several victims who have been faced with these horrible experiences in one way or another.

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It is true that victims can legally approach and accuse their offenders, but at the same time, legal procedures consume time as they hinder their careers. Thus, many of the upcoming young talents have been opting to move away from the film industry despite having great talents due to these circumstances.

Does Grace Van Dien Focus On Twitch Rather Than Acting?

As we are all aware that newer generations are more capable of presenting content that is pleasable for an audience of their same age. But if this is the case, then the film industry would be losing half of its cast due to these sexual predators.

One such incident recently happened to ‌budding actress Grace Van Dien, who recently appeared in the fourth season of the blockbuster series Netflix’s Stranger Things. She also appeared in Netflix’s teen drama series Greenhouse Academy.

Grace Van Dien Twitch Stranger Things Actress

Grace Van Dien also plays titles like Valorant and Fortnite. She began streaming last year, which amassed the streaming community with her rise in followers to 200,000 within three months of starting the channel. She uses Twitch under the name BlueFille. She is also active in other gaming streams such as The Forest, Overwatch, and many others.

Many fans are concerned regarding the time spent on the platform, as she has dropped some of the projects for the past few weeks. This popped up the question regarding her career as if she was jeopardizing her film career.

Grace Van Dien Twitch – Pull Back From Big Screen?

Several fans across the movie industry have been focused on why she is spending more time on gaming as opposed to her acting career. To clear up the confusion she responded with a jaw-dropping statement.

In a live stream, she revealed that she has been turning down several opportunities in the movies. She also said that it was not because of her lack of passion for acting, but due to bad experiences with her bosses.

She confessed that during some of her last projects, one of the producers asked her to join a threesome with one of his girls whom he had been sleeping with. She added that she cried because she was upset. In no way are such incidents better for mental health than streaming in your own safe place, according to her.

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She encouraged herself as she doesn’t need to sleep with someone in order to be successful in life.  She hopes that she finds someone to fund one of her projects as she can control the entire thing without asking for favors.

It appears that she is disturbed due to a few experiences from the film industry, as it seems she is not hoping to try for any new roles as she has decided to stick to streaming for the coming days.

Well, if she has got some good prolific skills in gaming then she can also thrive in the online gaming industry, as it is now regarded as a profession. In August 2022, she signed with United Talent Agency for ‌representation as a gamer.

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