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Are Property Brothers Gay? All About Their Life, Sexual Orientation



Are Property Brothers Gay All About Their Life, Sexual Orientation, Height, And Career

The handsome hosts of the HGTV show Property Brothers have become great influential people when it comes to home renovations and designs.

Within a quite span of time, the show of these youngsters became sky-rocketed and people across the globe are really enlightened to watch their show.

But more than professional interests, the audiences are keener to know about the personal life of these brothers. So let us have a deep look into the personal life of Property Brothers, Jonathan Scott, and Drew Scott. 

Are Property Brothers Gay? Unraveling The Truth

We cannot blame the fans when they think that these handsome property brothers would likely be gay. Because of their charismatic personality and their on-screen banter for years, they just swoon into the lives of every audience.

Are Property Brothers Gay

But to surprise, the two young and handsome brothers, are absolutely straight and not gay. 

When we dig deeper the handsome brothers are in relationships with respective women in their life and not all seem to be gay. Moreover, one of the brothers is married to the love of his life and the other is engaged too. 

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Who Among The Property Brothers Is Married?

It is Drew Scott who is married among the two. The heartthrob of the show, Drew Scott married his friend and creative director of their show Linda Phan.

The duo has been in love for years and she works with Property Brothers Entertainment. Before Linda Phan came into Drew Scott’s life he was absolutely unlucky in love. Drew was afraid that he would not be able to meet the one girl in his life and that he would probably die alone. 

Property Brothers marriage

Furthermore, his other twin and handsome brother Jonathan Scott is engaged to Zooey Deschanel. So both of the Property Brothers speculated being gay does not stand here as it is evident that they are romantically involved with beautiful women in their life.

When we dig to know about the story behind the encounter between Linda Phan and Drew Scott, it is quite a dramatic story. Both of them met in 2010 at a Toronto Fashion Week and he was smitten by her from the minute he saw her and pretty impressed by his pickup line Linda and Drew started dating each other. 

So these groundless speculations about celebrities being gay or bisexual are the new trend on social media. So it is now clear that the handsome and charming Property brothers are not gay. 

The property brothers do have a great life, and busy schedules and they don’t even get time to go on many dates before they met their love of life. Jonathan Scott once stated that because of his heavy schedule, he does not have any time to date or to marry. 

More than that these brothers were born on the outskirts of Vancouver, British Columbia, and they also have another elder brother named JD and who is far away from the limelight. He is not in the entertainment field and many details about him are unknown. 

Does The Property Brothers Have Children?

Drew Scott and his lovely wife Linda Phan announced that they are expecting their first child together. But Jonathan Scott and his finance are living like free birds and do not have any children together yet. 

How Tall Do Property Brothers Stand?

As per sources, both brothers do have well-presentable features, especially their height. So the incredibly talented and terrifically handsome Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott stand tall at a height of 6 feet and 4 inches and 6 feet and 5 inches respectively. 

How Old Is Property Brothers?

The twins were born on April 28, 1978. Even though many details of their early life and family us not quite in handy, the attractive and hot brothers are in their forty-four. 

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The Career Of Property Brothers

Apart from their big television series Property Brothers are licensed real estate agents with an immense experienced background.

Drew Scott is a compelling licensed agent along with Keller Williams and Jonathan is also a licensed contractor. Both of the brothers’ dream was to choose a different passion like being an actor and an illusionist, however, they both ended up in real estate and design fields. 

Before they invented such a big real estate business, the brothers tried their luck in acting and got opportunities in some minor roles including, Breaker High, Smallville, and The X-Files. In order to have a cemented financial background, both of them entered into the same field and surprisingly flourished. 

Their business went really well and the handsome twins managed to make it through for long fifteen years in the real estate business. And it was after that they began their show and within three weeks their show just peaked atop. The reach of their show was astonishing and they are still reigning in the field powerfully. 

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