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William Shatner net worth, Age, Career, Priceline All You Should Know



William Shatner net worth, Age, Career, Priceline All You Should Know

William Shatner is renowned for his role in Star Trek. His career began by appearing in smaller roles until he got his big break in television and movies. He rose to fame in publicity after appearing in the Star Trek franchise. However, before that, he appeared in lead roles in movies like The Intruder (1962), and others. He debuted his feature film in The Brothers Karamazov”. The movie was not a blockbuster hit but it ran well enough to bring in profits. Moreover, William Shatner’s performance glued others’ eyes to him.

William Shatner is believed to have made the most of his wealth by acting in movies and television shows. As of now, the Canadian actor’s net worth is estimated to be around $100 million. The actor was reportedly paid about $5,000 per episode with a $500 increment on every new season being made, at the time. However, the actor is presumed to be one of those who spends money wisely.

Career And Achievements

William Shatner‘ began his career in small roles in comedy and drama. He found his passion for movies while he was at college. Before appearing in movies, he starred in several Broadway shows.

Her role in Oedipus Rex landed his television roles. He debuted in his first feature film in 1958 as Alexey Karamazov in The Brothers Karamazov.

William Shatner net worth, Age, Career, Priceline All You Should Know

When he landed the role in Star Trek, his career drive towards success, but in between, he had to struggle due to the cancellation of Stark Trek in the early 1970s. He kept on appearing as a guest star on television shows to make ends meet until he landed another high-profile role in the American Police drama T.J Hooker. 

Despite appearing in some iconic roles in the 1990s, William Shatner only won his first golden globe and Emmy awards in the early 2000s. He won the Prime Time Emmy award for his role in The Practice for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series in 2004 and won the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for Boston Legal.

He received his first Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor for Boston Legal in 2005.He also won several other accolades in his career for multiple roles and went on to nominate for the Emmy and Golden Globe Awards in later years for the same drama shows.

William Shatner Net worth

The 91-year-old Canadian actor is set to hold a net worth of $100 million. He was believed to be earning a low salary during the early stages of his career. In his prime, he was presumed to be earning around $100,000 for an episode and around a similar figure in the latter part of his career. It is presumed that Sshatner is very careful about his finances as he spends his earnings very wisely.

NameWilliam Shatner
ProfessionCanadian Actor
Date of Birth22 March 1931
BirthplaceMontreal, Canada
Age91 years old
Height177 cm
Weight(187 pounds) 85 kg
Net Worth$100 Million dollars

Assets And Holdings

William Shatner is assumed to be invested in lots of ventures. However, all of his asset and investing dealings have not been disclosed. He owns a 4,000-square-foot home in Studio City in California, which features a large four-bedroom and chilling area with advanced technologies implemented in the house equipped with modern amenities.

A rumor circulates that William Shatner holds $600 million worth of shares on Reports suggest that back in 1990, William Shatner appeared as a commercial pitchman for the company in exchange for shares. However, ‌prices fell when the stock market bubble crashed in the early 2000s. It is assumed that Shatner did not sell any of his stocks.

Now after a decade, his entire shares in the company are worth ‌around $600 million.

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