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Glendale Renamed Swift City: In Honor Of Taylor Swift Eras Tour, Mayor Announces The New Name



Glendale Renamed Swift City In Honor Of Taylor Swift Eras Tour, Mayor Announces The New Name

Taylor Swift fans could not wait for their dream tour to start. As a child, you might have grown up celebrating themed festivals such as Christmas, Halloween, Good Friday, and many others. 

Honestly, people hardly imagine a themed festival of celebrities. The fans who desired a Taylor Swift-themed event came to an end with the start of the Eras Tour. The Eras Tour, Taylor Swift’s sixth tour and the first after the covid 19 is all set to begin on March 17, in Glendale.

Glendale Renamed Swift City? Is It Due To Taylor Swift Eras Tour?

As a tribute to the celebrity, Mayor Jerry Weiers announced on the morning of March 13th that the city will be renamed after ‌guest star ‌Taylor Swift. Glendale will be named Swift City on the occasion from March 17 to 18 of the same. The date falls on the same day as Taylor Swift performs at State Farm Stadium.

Glendale Renamed Swift City In Honor Of Taylor Swift Eras Tour

The Swifties are delighted to hear the news of highlighting their celebrity. In addition to that, local restaurants are planning to host a musician-themed restaurant until the tour completes. They are further open to the idea of designing a Taylor-swift-themed menu based on her songs for a limited period.

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The Eras Tour begins in Glendale and the on-road tour will cover various locations such as Paradise, Arlington, Houston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Kansas City, Santa Carla, and many others.

Furthermore, the Eras tour will also feature every studio album she has released so far in her entire career, which means that decade-long music will be performed by the artist herself. Her upcoming tour has amassed the highest amount of ticket sales. The presale recorded 3.5 million registrations.

Due to high demand on Ticketmaster, the website to register crashed midway. Despite the traffic, all tickets were sold immediately. The price for the tour starts from $49 and ranges as high as $449. The Vip Packages are priced from $199 to $899. Reports suggest that prices might change due to the demand for tickets.

Following the announcement on Twitter by the Mayor, Swifties, and other music goers were overwhelmed by the fact of honoring and promoting the individuals contributing to the music at the start of her long-awaited tour. Several meme pages have posted unique content favoring the musician.

Glendale Renamed Swift City: Putting The Spotlight On The Celebrity

It is presumed that the 33-year-old singer is all prepared to kickstart her three-month-long tour. Her absence at the Oscars indicates that she is preparing and resting for the Eras Tour. Moreover, there was no reason for her to be attending the prestigious award ceremony because she was neither nominated for any category nor performing or presenting in the ceremony.

Glendale Renamed Swift City-Taylor Swift

The success of All Too Well: The Short Film, nourished her with an additional grammy in 2022 which eventually landed her up to direct her feature debut film with searchlight pictures. The artist is believed to have written an original script for the company. Taylor Swift’s busy schedule might have hooked her up all night with excitement to deliver her deserved performance.

The “Swift City” is going to witness full energy-packed swifties on ‌tour day. The city will be colorful and bright filled with lights in the streets. The impact on the city will be highly weighed on tourism as well as law enforcement.

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The Eras Tour will open up opportunities for the music community in the cities to connect with different talents across the world. Since Taylor Swift’s entire career is embellished by the tour, all the tickets are reportedly sold out. This means that the city will be filled with fans.

The city will witness a dramatic event in the coming days. The impact of the event could help boost tourism in the city for a day or two. We are all aware of how tourism benefits an economy. It will an honor for the people of Glendale and other cities to host the 11-time Grammy winner.

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