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Who is Bobby Caldwell? What was Bobby Caldwell’s Cause of Death?



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It was indeed a piece of shocking news to the world of music that Bobby Caldwell, the renowned and celebrated singer, and songwriter passed away at the age of seventy-one. Even though there has been no cause of death provided, Bobby Caldwell was suffering badly from health issues. Let us have a brief look into Bobby Caldwell’s cause of death and early life. 

Bobby Caldwell Passed Away at 71

The music world leaves a compelling legacy behind and it was profoundly great sad news to the whole world when the news of Bobby Caldwell’s death circulated. It was his wife who announced the death of her beloved husband. 

She added: “Bobby passed away here at home. I held him tight in my arms as he left us. I am forever heartbroken. Thanks to all of you for your many prayers over the years”. 

Bobby Caldwell is best known for his famous song titled What You Don’t Do for Love’ and people started to recognize him for his profoundly wonderful talents. Back in 2015, Bobby Caldwell introduced himself to his younger audiences as a cool uncle. Over the course of time, Bobby Caldwell has managed to make his career steep. 

Bobby Caldwell Cause of Death Explained!

bobby caldwell cause of death

Though Bobby Caldwell was suffering from severe health issues, an actual cause of death has not been revealed. But as per sources, Bobby Caldwell’s wife Mary stated that his health deteriorated as a result of a fatal reaction to fluoroquinolone antibiotic.

This single medicine wreaked havoc on the health condition of Bobby Caldwell and his health just fell down terribly. Over the past six years, the singer was into medicines and treatments because of his terrible health condition and it just increased when an adverse reaction to the antibiotic. 

Back in 2022, team of Bobby Caldwell stated that he was into this particular drug for several months. They exclaimed: “ after taking the drug for several days, he experienced, bilateral Achilles tendon ruptures, and developed peripheral neuropathy. Despite these injuries, Bobby continued to perform with the aid of a wheelchair, a cane, and his helper. Unfortunately, Bobby’s condition continues to worsen. He has a great deal of neuropathy pain, and his mobility is limited”.

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Bobby Caldwell at a Glance

Robert Hunter Caldwell is the most prolific American singer, songwriter, and musician. His signature song that garnered wide recognition and fame was with What You Don’t Do for Love. Bobby Caldwell is widely acknowledged for his intriguing soulful and versatile vocals. 

Over the course of time, Bobby Caldwell has released umpteen albums spanning R&B, Soul, jazz, and adult contemporary. He turned to sing standards from the Great American Songbook and managed to write many songs for many artists. 

The song he wrote for Amy Grant and Peter Cetera titled The Next Time I fall surprisingly peaked on Billboard Hot Number one single. 

The utterly talented Bobby Caldwell was born on August 15, 1951, in Manhattan. He was brought up in Miami, Florida. As his mother was a real estate agent, and fortunately Bob Marley happened to be one of her clients. 

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bobby caldwell cause of death

Bobby Caldwell was lucky to have an acquaintance with Bob Marley and he grew up listening to the riveting and soothing music of Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald. He spent all his childhood days listening to music and he grew fonder of the music world and decided to pursue his passion in music. 

The biggest turning point was in the early 70s with Little Richard and his band rose to prominence after he penned his magnum opus work What You Won’t Do For Love. 

Before moving to Los Angeles at the age of seventeen, Bobby Caldwell was into playing multiple instruments and sang, and furthermore served as a member of a Miami band named Katmandu. 

Bobby Caldwell has spent six years in Los Angeles and played in different bar bands and pursued to get a record deal. Cat in the Hat and Carry On became quite recognized. Moreover, Bobby Caldwell became famous in Japan and he was nicknamed Mister AOR. because of his talents that intrigued the audiences in Japan he was awarded for Best Foreign Artist at the 34th Japan Record Awards. 

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