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Who Is Brittany Dawn? Influencer Criticized After Husband Kills Her Puppy



Who Is Brittany Dawn Influencer Criticized After Husband Kills Her Puppy

After reports that her dog had been hit by a car, the YouTuber and fitness celebrity asserted that her husband had shot the pet.

Since 2016, Brittany Dawn, a 30-year-old internet celebrity, has been uploading storytime and vlog-style videos on YouTube to discuss dieting, working out, and other weight-related issues. She has garnered a total of 250,000 subscribers as a result of her work.

On Wednesday, a video with a running time of six minutes and fifty-five seconds and the caption “my heart is destroyed… my puppy perished in a hit and run…” was published to her channel.

There have been around 30,000 views of the video. Dawn removed the “like” and “dislike” buttons, as well as the section for making comments.

What Happened To Brittany Dawn’s Dog?

On October 14, Brittany shared a video on her official YouTube account in which she discussed what had taken place with Brodie. The video lasted for a total of six minutes.

She claims that she let Brodie out of the enclosed property on her property, where he was later struck and killed by a car. I just wish I could put all of that out of my head. He had a severe blow to the stomach delivered to him. In the video, you can hear her say, “There was no way to save him.”

Brittany Dawn's Dog

Brittany elaborates by claiming that when Brodie was hit, her ex-cop husband Jordon Nelson rushed him inside the house, where he was protected by two strangers who stood guard outside. Brittany says that after Brodie was hit, Jordon Nelson rushed him inside the house.

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She continues by saying that a gunshot was heard and that “poor Jordon had to do it for Brodie.” According to the influential person, there was “no saving him,” so her husband murdered the family dog to put an end to the animal’s agony.

Dawn and her husband Jordan Nelson, who is not an influencer but appears on both of Dawn’s social media channels, returned home to find their dog Brodie lying in the street while they were out running errands.

Dawn is an influencer herself. According to her account, as soon as she noticed that the dog wasn’t moving when he was lying on the ground, she jumped out of Nelson’s car and ran in the direction of the animal.

Even though Dawn had worked as a veterinary technician for the previous five years, she said that despite her experience, she could not bear to watch her cat in such a state. She said that despite being “hit so hard” by a car, the dog was still alive and breathing when she checked on it later.

Brittany Dawn And Her Husband Being Criticized

Brittany and her partner have come under fire from a number of people on Twitter for what they did rather than taking their dog to the veterinarian. This is despite the fact that Brittany has attempted to defend her actions by claiming that her dog’s severe injuries made it impossible for him to be saved.

Brittany Dawn And Her Husband Being Criticized

At least one person on Twitter is of the opinion that Brittany was only grieving at the loss of her puppy in an effort to manipulate other people into feeling sorry for her.

In the past, Dawn has had significant fallout from other events. According to Heavy, in 2019 she was subjected to criticism from a portion of her followers who believed that she promoted unhealthy fitness and diet fads such as #SkipDinner. Heavy reported that this criticism was directed toward her. It appears that she has disregarded this criticism.

She was also allegedly accused of attempting to pass off personalized mass-produced fitness and nutrition guidelines, she apologized to individuals who believed they had been misled and confessed that she was overwhelmed by her sudden success despite the fact that she did not have a formal degree in business. The confession was made in a video that has since been removed from YouTube.

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