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Who Was Albert DeSalvo? The True Story Behind Hulu’s ‘Boston Strangler’



Is Hulu Movie Boston Strangler Based On A True Story Who was Albert DeSalvo

If you are into crime drama you cannot miss the Boston Strangler- and while we have all read the stories, this is one of the most anticipated crime drama films that is all set to rock some fires on March 17 exclusively on Hulu this Friday- this is a drama starring the most popular and talented Keira Knightley whom we cannot miss.

The Thriller ‘Boston Strangler

The movie is all set to rock our minds with its exclusive crime drama this Friday, March 17, 2023, on Hulu- so make sure to pile some popcorn and soft drinks for the Friday night affair! Talking about the most awaited movie, this film is directed and well written by Matt Ruskin (do we need more expertise!) and is also based on a spine-chilling topic that is loved (rather read) by all and is a true story from the 1960s!

This is a crime drama about the infamous serial killer named Albert DeSalvo who was commonly rather popularly called Boston strangler- and we have known this person so far in the stories and news only! The spin thrilling thriller is all set to rock the world on March 17 and people are already planning ahead on how to spend their weekends- for those of you who are unfamiliar with the movie and concept, let us take you to a flashback! 

Who Was Albert DeSalvo?

In the annals of American true crime, few names are as infamous as the “Boston Strangler.” This elusive serial killer terrorized the city of Boston in the early 1960s, leaving a trail of fear and bloodshed in his wake. The recent Hulu movie “Boston Strangler” explores the life and crimes of Albert DeSalvo, the man who confessed to being the notorious killer.

Is Hulu Movie Boston Strangler Based On A True Story? Who was Albert DeSalvo?

DeSalvo was a troubled and complicated figure, born into a family marked by poverty and dysfunction. As a child, Albert DeSalvo exhibited disturbing behavior, and as he grew older, he turned to a life of crime. He was known for his predatory behavior toward women and had a long history of sexual assault and burglary.

But it wasn’t until 1962 that DeSalvo made a name for himself as the Boston Strangler. Over the course of two years, he killed thirteen women, leaving the city in a state of panic. The police were baffled by the killer’s methods, and the public was gripped by fear.

DeSalvo’s reign of terror came to an end in 1964 when he was finally apprehended for a series of unrelated crimes. While in custody, he confessed to being the Boston Strangler, claiming responsibility for all thirteen murders. However, doubts have been raised over the years about the veracity of his confession, and some still believe that he may not have been the true killer.

Boston Strangler: A Must-Watch Fun

Despite the controversy surrounding his guilt, there is no denying that Albert DeSalvo was a deeply disturbed and dangerous individual. The Hulu series “Boston Strangler” offers a fascinating glimpse into the life and crimes of this notorious figure, exploring the factors that may have contributed to his descent into violence and depravity. For anyone interested in the dark side of human nature, this series is a must-watch. And now we have the chance to explore the movie, cutting through a short film- and we cannot keep calm.

This movie is just not another release but rather a chronicle that has the potential to set a bar that is unreachable and worth the hype! If you are into the thrilling crime drama- this one’s for you- the famous man who murdered 13 women and somehow managed to shock the people, including the police is a must-watch!

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